Mel Bikowski

Mel Bikowski

Alexandria, VA, United States

About Mel Bikowski

Melanie Bikowski is a self-taught abstract artist based in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. Her bright colors and movement are tools for a conversation with the universe. She hopes to present new perspectives that contain emotional depth and wisdom. The building blocks of her intuitive and artistic lifestyle often come from esoteric spiritual philosophies as she continues to integrate her soul with the natural world. She has built a network of relationships with collectors who feel the common enchantment and messages within her colorful work. She has sold over 400 paintings since her first debut of her work in 2015 and she hopes to continue to spread her interpretations of mother nature as she continues her own journey as a mother and artist.

She is inspired by mostly by light. She pursues to voice wisdom about her life lessons in the symbolism she finds during her explorations of national parks with her family as well as visual meditations and yoga.

Melanie is currently an artist in residence at Olly Olly in Old Town Fairfax, VA.


Pyschology/Writing BS Degree from Old Dominion University