Mena Malgavkar

Mena Malgavkar

Mumbai, Asia, India

About Mena Malgavkar

I was born in a place in south west India, close to Goa. My father was an agriculturist and social worker, and my mother was an author. I was lucky to grow up in a forest. My father and I walked the dogs in the woods and fields everyday whenever I was home. I spent a great deal of my time away, leaving my parents at the age of five to go away to school. A lifetime of boarding schools and hostels followed. But every long weekend and vacation was at home, much looked forward to. I grew up to love the forest, its peace, tranquility, its ways and quiet joys. I had always loved to draw, starting even before I could write. Scribbling and doodling were never frowned upon in my childhood, and my parents encouraged my art. Eventually, I became an art director. Working in advertising agencies taught me many things, and I had a rewarding career of 14 years. I left when we were financially settled, and now am fortunate to paint almost full time. I teach twice a week, and paint the rest.

I paint what I care about - my city (Mumbai), the people who live here, the tropical forest I grew up in, childhood memories. I find my work takes two routes - one is to paint the city and people, and the other is to paint the forest. I guess my father's influence of agriculture and socialism are responsible for these divergent ways.
I have been exhibiting since 2013, and have been fortunate to have my work shown in Dubai, Paris, Qatar.
My work has been bought by collectors from the UK, US, Dubai, New Zealand and India. I also undertake commissioned work and murals.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bangalore University.


October 2020
World Art Dubai
Solo show.

January 2020
India Art Festival, Mumbai.
Solo show.

October 2019
Qatar Art Fair
Solo show.

April 2019
Group show at Gallerie Metanoia, Paris

April 2019
Show at the Sacred Art Festival, Senlis

April 2019
World Art Dubai

January 2019, Indian Art Festival, Solo show, Nehru Centre, Mumbai

September 2018
Group show, PVR Public space Gallery

April 2017
Group show - gallery Cymroza, Mumbai.

December 2016
Group show - Gallery Cymroza, Mumbai.

Sept 2016
Group show - Gallery Cymroza, Breach Candy, Mumbai.

2015 Solo show - The Bajaj Gallery, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

2013 Solo show - The Russian Centre, Pedder Road, Mumbai.