Michael Ostromooukhov

Michael Ostromooukhov

Glasgow, United Kingdom

About Michael Ostromooukhov

I was born in Switzerland and my family moved to a few different places including Canada, France, and America. I studied art in Rennes (France) briefly and then moved to London, UK, where I lived for 10 years before moving to Scotland. My paintings have been featured in a few exhibitions in France, the UK, and America.


2016 – Agora Gallery, New York – group exhibition: Mélange of Milieu
2015 – Brick Lane Gallery, London – group exhibition: Portraits (oil paintings)
2010 – Off Broadway, London – solo exhibition (oil paintings)
2009 – L’Atelier de l’Artiste, Rennes (France) – solo exhibition (oil paintings)
2009 – Le Gazoline, Rennes (France) – solo exhibition (watercolours)