Michael Rawling

Michael Rawling

London, London, United Kingdom

About Michael Rawling

Michael began a fascination with image-making early, having a SLR camera from the age of 13 and the creative process has fascinated him through the Epsom School and Bath School of Art, Michael’s degree show consisted of machines, sculptures and self evolving paintings using technology, chemicals and organic materials.

This continues today with the Elemental Series, where natural elements and compounds are collected from the very location depicted within the photograph and the resulting scenes you see in Michael’s work today are created not just by light on film but by naturally occurring liquid, mineral elements and organic matter from the scene and chemically bonding to the film over several months, the resulting Landscapes are created more completely from the scene pictured itself.

Echoing ancient alchemical methodologies, the process of production of the images and their resulting mystical appearance both reflect the ups and downs of the search undertaken by an artist to probe humankind's place in nature and in our own spiritual landscape.

Michael does not copy & paste, re-arrange or collage external or internal elements into the picture in Photoshop or similar editor - they are created only by his process’ interaction with nature and natural elements.


Bachelor Of Arts: Fine Art (Hons) 1996, Bath School Of Art


2019 - Talented Art Fair, London