Michael Wallace

Michael Wallace

Calumet City, IL, United States

About Michael Wallace

I am a self taught abstract expressionist. Exhibiting with several galleries, my goal is to create engaging, innovative and relevant paintings. I hope to extend an appreciation of art to a diverse audience. The aesthetic of two diemensional visual expression will always continue on. Often the paintings I make are spontaneous. Other times my goal for a particular piece is more predetermined. My technique involves acrylic and mixed media. I combine color on canvas as I paint, and the idea of merging drawing with painting is among my favorite practices. Many of my original drawings and paintings are found in collections across the United States, Europe, and Asia. A Certificate of Authenticity ships with each painting along with background information about the making of the piece. All work is ready to exhibit. Thanks for taking a look.


Bachelor of Arts Degree, English Literature, Elmhurst College, IL, 1983


“Artists on the Urban Edge VIII” Sponsored by The Barrington Area Arts Council, 2004 Sycamore, IL.

The Norris Cultural Center, "Vicinity 2005"
St. Charles, IL, 2005

“Illinois Watercolor Society's 23rd Annual Exhibition 2006" Sponsored by The National Arts Foundation, 2006 Skokie, IL

"Oak Brook Library Exhibition" Sponsored by College of Dupage, 2007

The Norris Cultural Center, "Vicinity 2010"
St. Charles, IL, 2010

The Norris Cultural Center, "Surface Explorations" St. Charles, IL, 2011

The Norris Cultural Center, "Watercolor 2011" St. Charles, IL, 2011

The Norris Center, "Urban Visions" St.Charles, IL, 2012

The Next Gallery, "Route 25"
St. Charles, IL, 2012

The Norris Cultural Center, "Watercolor 2012" St. Charles, IL, 2012

The Next Gallery, "Center for the Arts" St.Charles, IL. 2012

The Norris Cultural Center, "Watercolor 2013" St. Charles, IL, 2013

The Next Gallery, "First Look"
St. Charles, IL, 2013

The Norris Cultural Center, "Watercolor 2014" St. Charles, IL, 2014

Brennan-Griffin Gallery, New York, in collaboration with Art Forum Magazine

The Next Gallery, "Black, White and Red" St. Charles, IL, Sept 2014

The Norris Cultural Center,"Watercolor 2015" St. Charles, IL, 2015

Fine Line Gallery, "Indulgence" St.Charles,IL, March/April 2015

The Next Gallery, "Consignment Show"
St. Charles, IL, July/Aug, 2015

The Next Gallery, "Consignment Show"
St. Charles, IL, Sept/Oct 2015

Fine Line Gallery, "Out of Bounds" St.Charles, IL, Feb/March 2016

The Next Gallery, "Consignment Show" St.Charles IL, April/May 2018