Michiko Art

Michiko Art

Kunitachi, Tokyo, Japan

About Michiko Art

Hi, I'm Michiko.

"Sho," the calligraphy which I naturally hold a writing brush for since childhood became what is free and rich in mind. The pleasure to get in touch with the calligraphy tools makes me feel I'm relied by them.

I create my artworks with brush of fur for Japanese calligraphy, Japanese paper, and various Japanese Sumi ink by hand scratching Sumi brick with water on "Suzuri," (Sumi ink stone)

I always feel that I wish to cherish the nature, as human being is let be alive by taking food from nature, that Japanese has had mentality to respect nature from ancient time, that the nature is in people's life, and that I wish to be a part of nature, as I myself like nature. Main materials of creation tools such as Japanse Sumi ink, Japanese paper, and drawing brush are of nature origin, and I prefer earth friendly materials, which can return to the earth, for my creation as much as possible.


Graduated from Daito Bunka University department of literature majoring Chinese literature


Awarded/selected for over 30 times at exhibitions in Japan


Several solo exhibitions in Japan