Miloš Hronec

Miloš Hronec

Bratislava, Slovenská republika, Slovakia

About Miloš Hronec

Miloš Hronec focuses mainly on painting, but also on digital drawing and collage.

He comes from Bratislava and this environment has gradually  formed him artistically.
Author works with oil painting, acrylic, spray, drawing; he uses templates and hand print on canvas.
His formal epression is based on street art, graffiti, pop culture, comics, primitive art, expressionism and collage.

He is inspired contemporary photographs. From portraiture or figural imagery, natural development is sometimes abstracted.

„While working on the last paintings, I was loosely inspired by the rap and alternative culture of the present generation.
I was spellbound by the way of life, thinking, but also by the image and the visual that inherently belongs to him.
Since I like this musical direction and thinking, I´ve transferred it to my work.

The themes are based on portraits of people from the subculture. From well-known faces to ordinary people.

My approach to painting was the same as music or thinking characteristic of this group. I worked freely, freestayled, experimented, did not ponder and analyze unnecessarily. I just had to enjoy my work and reflect on my current state of mind.

My intention is to communicate with the contemporary man through painting.“

The author’s works are part of private collections in the US, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Israel and many European countries.


Self taught


2020 - Tehláreň, Live painting, Liptovský Mikuláš
2019 - Artworks used in limited edition of Budiš mineral waters
2019 - Octopus Online, mural painting, Bratislava
2014 - Nekapri in art, mural painting, Bratislava
2013 - Subclub, mural painting, Bratislava
2013 - National Puppet Theatre, mural painting, Bratislava
2013 - Offline II, live mural painting, Bratislava
2012 - Offline, live mural painting, Bratislava


Great gallery
Emerging Europe
Artmajeur magazine
The Magazine
The Pornmag


2019 - Basement, Fortress Komárno, Slovakia
2019 - Kolkata Monsoon Relief charity, Porto, Portugal
2018 - Winter Salon, NFG klub, Dunajska Streda, Slovakia
2018 - Basement, Fortress Komárno, Slovakia
2018 - Velostazione Dynamo - Bologna, Italy
2017 - Dev9t - Belgrade, Serbia
2017 - SKB - Bratislava, Slovakia
2017 - Sensorium, Pisztory Palace - Bratislava, Slovakia
2017 - FAFP in DUP36 - Prague, Czech Republic
2017 - Rock klub Tartaros - Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
2016 - Ganevia gallery - Rimavská sobota, Slovakia
2015 - Ganevia gallery - Rimavská sobota, Slovakia