Mimi van Bindsbergen

Mimi van Bindsbergen

Malberg, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany

About Mimi van Bindsbergen

I am a collector, not only of finds but also impressum.
I store ideas in my head, in my sketchbook and in photo’s, and take these to my studio where it transforms itself on canvas.
Simplified forms creating a certain power which emphasizes the mystique. The start point, idea is developing more and more layers. Layers of time and layers of meaning.

It is as if I were an archeologist, walking through a landscape searching for the depths and layers of time. The landscape like a memory of the past? What is the earth telling me?
The excitement, ecstasy is what I also want to show the viewer.
It is a certain intensity and concentration that takes me further from what I’m actually seeing.
My work connects landscape with people and therefore to me. This is the rhythm of time. How can I go along and how it will reflex on all of us.

Because of the cooperation with a dancer and a photographer I’m involved with movement filming, sound en light. I have to deal with new aspects in my work. An ongoing process where people and the different disciplines assemble and cooperate. This relation with me and the other in a setting will develop into a new body of work.

ABOUT MY Two Worlds work:
The two worlds/spaces come together.
Fragments of one world float into the other. It's like Blinking with your eyes if its really there or not. It unfolds as a theatre in the Woods. The forest as a theatre. The trees stylized. Everything is involved. The two worlds are connected. The worlds are apparent but not at the same time. What takes place?

The old man and his Silence and The Ephemiral life forever I & II, three short movies, are about my father. Him sitting in his house, in his surroundings. His clocks and birds. He is alone. And around him a Silence which only older people have around them. The paintings emphasize the mood he is in.
It is an ongoing project and hopefully in de future its possible to film and paint more people in this stage of life, in that age and with their Silence.


-TEHATEX Faculty Art Bachelor HBO Tilburg the Netherlands 1991

- Non toxic etching workshop in Spain by Henrik Boegh 2010
- BIK post HBO bik= artists on schools (art workshops) 2009
- Webdesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks 2005
- Non toxic etching workshop Double Elephant Exeter 2000
- Fresco painting Antwerpen 1997


Cooperation with Danser: Improvisations between places and us, results in photo's/Stills and short films.

Musicians: Action painting/Drawing.

Photographer: theme is Water, waterrelated workshops for adults and children.

A joint art project from Mimi van Bindsbergen and Riet Mooren.
The result is a drawing, in which two different approaches come together as one drawing.
Because working on one and the same drawing, you feed and trust each other.
Because there is always new variations that reveal itself, we create a dynamic drawing with a specific quality. Lines meet, repel each other or merge with each other.


- Group Exhibition Zwischentone Daun DU
- Exhibition Schloss Malberg DU
- Group Exhibition Nordlichter Schonecken DU

– Group Exhibion Hotelchen am Rauschen Bad Munstereifel DU
– Group Exhibition EAT Heimbach DU
– EAT Eifeler Atelier Tage Malberg Du
– Group Exhibition KunstQuartier Leonberg DU
– Group exhibition KUBA Nettersheim DU

- Combinations Expo with Riet Mooren Liemers museumZevenaar NL
- Group Exhibion Menschenbilder I Kunstforum-gemuend Gemund DU
- International Exhibition Selfportrait Drawing Community Herckenbosch NL
- International Exhibition 'Silence' Finland
- EAT Eifeler Atelier Tage Malberg Germany

- 3Oever festival Expo met Riet Mooren Pannerden
- Groepsexhibition Selfportrait Finland
- Saks Open saksen Weimar kazerne Arnhem
- Global reactive Art expo UK
- 15 artists (local) Liemers museum Zevenaar NL

- Compaen with Marieke Opmeer Hoogeveen NL
- Impulse my modeldrawings Wageningen NL
- Broken Words Option265 Effelsberg Germany
- Focus a locus kunstroute Arnhem NL
- People & Eastern Art Artnations Ahraz Art museum Iran
- 'Stroming' with Marieke Opmeer Gennep NL

- Artist in Residence Culemborg the Netherlands
- GAP international Exhibition South Korea
- ArtArnhem the Netherlands

- Exhibition Group Syrlin WAAS-se fabrik Geisenheim Germany
-Art manifestation Kunstschouw Zeeland the Netherlands
-Art fair Lubeck Germany

- Exhibition Group Syrlin December/januari 2014 Stuttgart Germany
- Exhibition Annual Dutch Art fair September Amsterdam the Netherlands
- Exhibition Bai Bin Curacao

- Group Exhibition International Marziart gallery november Hamburg Germany
- Group Exhibition ‘’A breast or two’’ Mon art gallery oktober Curacao
- Group Exhibition ‘Taboo” Bloemhof gallery september Curacao
- Exhibition Terra with Marlies Schoenmakers Mon art gallery Curacao
- Group Exhibition ‘’door het oog van Egberdien’’ Bloemhof Curacao
- Group Exhibition Gallery 45 Westdorpe The Netherlands

- Exhibition International Group Carrousel du Louvre Paris
- Artproject ‘’11 artists 11 days’’ at Telpost Millingen The Netherlands
- NABK group exhibition in Apeldoorn, Tilburg and Amsterdam The Netherlands
- Exhibition with Loek Klinkhamer at kerkje van Persingen The Netherlands

- Artroute focus a locus in Arnhem