Gyeonggi-Do, Ansan-Si, Danwon-gu, South Korea


I’m an artist based in South Korea. I’ve been creating art works since 2006 and currently am focusing on installations as well as both 2D and 3D works. My recent work has been focusing on the inner world of humans who are trying to protect themselves and overcome the scars from each individual’s feeling of loneliness in the stone cold society and one’s own incompleteness. Having sympathy toward the ones who are going through a tough and confusing time, I wish to accept my own struggles that I may have been avoiding to face. I’d like to take this opportunity to take the time to look back and reflect on myself.


2010 MA in Art Education, The University of Suwon, Suwon. Korea (University completion)
2008 BA in Art Education, The University of Suwon, Suwon. Korea


Solo Exhibitions :

2016 ∞ Exhibition (L JUNG A Gallery, Seoul, Korea )
2015 ‘The Lines of Mindmap’ Exhibition
( Gallery A, Seongnam. Korea )
2014 'Tig' Exhibition ( Gallery Puesto, Seoul, Korea )
2014 'Sum, Da' Exhibition
( Gallery 8street, Seoul, Korea )
2012 ‘D.N.A[Destiny Nothing Alive]’ Exhibition
( Spacenoon Art Gallery, Suwon. Korea )

Group Exhibitions :

2017 ‘ NEW FOUND ’ Exhibition
(Suwonartcenter , Suwon, Korea)
2017 Prison Exhibition (Dress Code – stripe)
(Galleryilho, Seoul, Korea)
2017 House Art Fair 2017 (ARTTRIP, Seoul, Korea)
2016 ‘ Le Pari Coree ’ Exhibition
(Gallery kwanhoon , Seoul, Korea)
2016 ‘ Long for ’ Exhibition
(Gallery Tom , Seoul, Korea)
2016 ‘ 3/5 ’ Exhibition (kara’s Gallery , Seoul, Korea)
2016 Korea noted 25 人 Invitation Exhibition
[conspectus] (seojung art center, Seoul, Korea)
2016 KIM MIN KI X STAY (ARTTRIP, Seoul, Korea)
2016 2016 Taiwan · Korea Exchange Exhibition
( Uinan The Museum of Art Museum, Taiwan )
2016 2016 Beijing international contemporry craft and
Jewelry Exhibition
(珍物 ART HALL, Beijing, China)
2016 [ LOOK! arTEAst series #03 kim min-ki
Collection ] Summer Christmas
(ART HALL RESH, Seongnam, Korea)
2015 Hand & Face Project ‘ X ≠ X ’ Exhibition
( bote Gallery, Seoul, Korea )
2015 ‘Coexistence’ Exhibition
( Gallery Puesto, Seoul, Korea )
2015 13th Young Artist's Speaking Round Exhibition
( Imrip Museum, Gongjeu )
2015 17th Namseoul International Glass Festival
( Rigak Museum, Cheonan )
2015 Jeune Artiste Project Douze Exhibition
(L JUNG A Gallery, Seoul, Korea )
2015 2013-2015 the Artist tomorrow Gyeomjae
( Gyeomjae Jeongseon Art Museum, Seoul, Korea )
2015 The warm Exhibition
(kara's Gallery, Seoul, Korea )
2015 "Meet in Beijing-AutumnWinter2015"
(Beijing A.C Art Museum, Beijing, China)
2014 Doodle 4 Exhibition
( Gallery unofficial preview, Seoul, Korea )
(Stone n water , Anyang, Korea )
2014 MayFest, Let’s Hang Whatever You Can Carry
(O’NewWall Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2014 The Gyeomjae Jeongseon Of Promising Artist's Exhibition
( Gyeomjae Jeongseon Art Museum, Seoul, Korea )
2014 Exhibition
( Gallery our MONSTER, Seoul, Korea )
2014 2014 Gallery A-cube Young Artist Exhibition
( Gallery A-cube, Seoul, Korea )
2012 Successful Operations Exhibition
( Gallery Space Radio M , Seoul, Korea )