De Santis

De Santis

Richmond, VA

About De Santis

Artist & Visionary, Schizophrenic Photographer, Compulsive Painter, Mumbler of Telluric Insights, Cosmonaut of Inner Space. De Santis is An Anomaly, An Artistic Genius With a Paranoid Bent, Unfit to Wallow in The Workforce. He Considers The Creation of Art to Be Shamanic, Therapeutic, & He Produces Work Obsessively.

In Nicland For Shamanic Vanspeak, Raw Wire Footage From Hanging Light & Constant Trains, Heatdish Millionaire in The Accumulated Leaves of Rotting Books. You Are Intensely You.
Sat in The Mattress Van With The Television Looping a Feed From The Camera Pointing at US. Smoke Falls on Video Equipment & Rises Through The Soft White Projections of The Computer, Experimenting With Art & Insanity, Shaping Words Around The Layers of Speaker Noise. A Thousand Ways to Write Your Name, To Sign Eternity. Nic Makes Himself a Prophet, Drinking Water From a 40oz Vial. Suitcases Are Packed With Photographs & The Van Doesn't Move. Rummaging Here Has The Sounds of Rattling Pills & Train Track Lighters Shifting Through Thoughts & The Wiry Guts of Machines Coming Undone.

Here Trees Grow From The Pages, All Words Roots & Absorbing.

My Legs Are Numb Below The Heat Dish, Crossed so Long. I Once Stood in The Empty Galleries of Alleyways, Meeting Myself.

The Last Thing I Remember is Hopping in The V an, Driving to The Store to Pick up Something to Drink. The Windows Roll up, The AC is Flipped on. I Was Gassed to Wake up in The Van Talking to This Schizo Thinking We're in DARPA Headquarters.

Sterile Like a Hospital, Something controlled, Define Every Atom. Sitting in A Temple, Basilica, Cathedral, Mandri, Pathi, Mosque, Synagogue, on The Altar, Sacraments Induced, Experiment Process & Procedure, A Rite. Look up & See Freedom, Freedom in rites. Let's Legalize A Masterpiece in The Museum of One's Mind. In The Bathtub I Fuck A Shampoo bottle, Which Had Just Displaced The Fumes. Mind You, They Teach This in Schools, in A Boat Spinning Circles, Huffing Glue, Smashing Eggs on Some iIsland, Mother's Execution, Hitler Red Flash Suddenly Moved.

In The Mistranslated Fire Pits of Creation, The Embers Shift Like Turtles in The Slow Moving Flames Facing Skyward. Make a List of Things to Change in The World, It's All Money & Unrecognized Beauty, Starving & Starving. The Shaman is Sitting Here With A Cure & The Military Willing to Back & Fully Fund This Project to Destroy The Concept of Money & Create World Peace. I Think to Myself, What Am I Doing Talking to This Schizo? If We Were Living in A Tribal Village Would it Be Insane to Consume A Leaf As A Tool That Provided An Insight & Knowledge To Illness, Not Just of One's Mind, But of The World? The Disconnection Within Interconnection, The World is in A State of IIllness, The Illness is Around US, The Horror. The Horror.

You Me Doc & Baby Jesus As Means to Genius. Brain dead. Life Flickering Upon The Wall of A Projector Screen. The Click Click of My Cannons Innards Drift off into This Hypnotic Space Where I've Sat For Years Hours & Months as Days.

Build a Machine & Ditch These Remote Frames. Step Outside This Box as I Sit Here. We Laughing Through Myself. All on Tape. The Hours of Still Framed Laughter Melds One Mind. The Circus Unfolding & Parades of Baby Elephants in Thawed Out Epiphany.

I Open The Door into The Unexpected Hallway of The Libraries Basement. Your New Office on A Campus Left For Decay A Capsule of Time & Conservatory of One's Mind. Years Before The Flood Where All The Art Science & Technology Was There to Prove IT. The People Don't See it OR Have Been Paid Off To Pretend That They've Not. Or Perhaps They've Been Through This Museum Before. Dumbfound Ecstatic Genius.

I am a Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, Filmmaker & Musician.

I Was Born into A Family of Artists & Musicians With Roots That Stretch Back to Milan, Italy, Where My Relatives Were Founding Members of The Milan Music Conservatory.

My Family Has a Long History of Mental Illness, Which I Have Inherited & I Find The Creation of Art to Be a Very Therapeutic Obsession.