Michael Ioffe

Michael Ioffe

Pleasantville, NY, United States

About Michael Ioffe

I'm an artist based in Westchester, New York. I work in several media: painting, sculpture, drawings.

In my paintings I'm trying to find connections between the recognizable and the abstract, between visible and suggestive. I populate my paintings with anthropomorphic characters and objects that interact with each other, and create dynamic composition in the process of these interactions. It's fluid and constantly changing movement of brush and charcoal strokes that connects all the dots. When painting is finished I'm not considered it the end of the road. I just invite viewers to follow me in this journey to explore and arrive at their own interpretations and conclusions of what they see and feel.


Studied Art, Architecture and Design at the Minsk School of Architecture.


2017 Summer Gala Auction, Boston Museum of Fine Art
2014 Group Exhibition, Erarta Galery, NY, NY
2013 Group Exhibition, Kavachnina Galery, Miami, Fl
2013 Group Exhibition, 25CPW Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2013 Group Exhibition, ARTTITUD Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2013 Group Exhibition, "REALISM, HYPER-REALISM, SURREALISM" Alexandre Gertsman Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2012 Group Exhibition, Gene Shapiro Auctions, Manhattan, NY
2012 Group Exhibition, Aid For AIDS NYC Art Exhibit,Manhattan, NY
2012 Solo Exhibition, Cavalier gallery, Greenwich, CT
2012 Two-Person Exhibition, Museum of Russian Art, Jersey City, NJ