Linda Mirabile

Linda Mirabile

Berlin, VT, United States

About Linda Mirabile

I am a graphic designer by trade working primarily with environmental non-profits. I paint all aspects of avian life. My work is very realistic and detailed but I strive to go beyond anatomical correctness to capture the personality and essence of the bird I am painting.


I am primarily self-taught when it comes to my painting. I studied oil painting with the late Carol Jones, Stowe, VT, from 1978-1980. My avian art is borne out of a lifetime of observing and studying birds.


An exhibit of 10 artists will take place April 1-May 25, 2019 at the Lewis Gallery in Portland, Maine, that is entitled "A Critical Balance." This exhibit will focus on endangered species painted to life size by 10 artists from New England, USA. For more information visit


2019 April 1-May 25
Portland, ME
Portland Public Library/Lewis Gallery