Miriam Alba Romano

Miriam Alba Romano


About Miriam Alba Romano

Miriam is currently being represented by Demian Feldman. His email is his name as one word at yahoo dot com. Miriam Alba Romano was born in the city of Rosario, Argentina, lived half of her life in the United States, and is now back in Argentina creating art. She lived in Los Angeles for 15 years and studied art at 'La Universidad de Humanidades y Letras de Rosario' receiving a master's degree in 'National Professor of Drawing and Fine Arts.' Her teachers included Miguel Ballesteros, Luis Ramoneda, Hugo Ottmann, and Pedro Sivori. Miriam has been an artist as far back as she can remember and always considered herself an artist since her earliest memories. It has been and continues to be an unstoppable and incessant activity in her life. What is contemporary art? Whoever creates art is always a contemporary of their own time. In her own words, 'my art is a voyage where the communication of souls is what best describes the essence of that voyage. Art has been a ship, a weapon, a medicine, and a flag in this nation of our universe. Now it is.' Her first exhibition, at the 'club español' in Rosario began when she first started studying art at the University. She has had the privilege of exhibiting her work at the Bacardi Gallery in Miami, next to Colombian artist, Fernando Botero. She has also studied under the great American artist from Fresno, California, Mark Rodriguez and continues to study under the renowned, Miguel Ballesteros.
She has obtained awards and recognitions in the states of Pennsylvania, Florida, and California and also in Firmat, Rosario, and Buenos Aires in Argentina. She is now working in her studio in Roldan, Santa Fe and continues to produce new work. Miriam desires that her artwork to speak for itself.


La Universidad de Humanidades y Letras de Rosario. Master's Degree Equivalent in 'National Professor of Drawing and Fine Arts.'

1971 Graduated as Professor in Drawing (Equivalent to Master's Degree): National University of Humanities; Rosario, Argentina.

1982 Workshop for the utilization of resin polyester for sculpture Faculty of Humanities and Arts; Rosario, Argentina.

1997 Workshop at the Associates in Art with storyboard artist, Luis Russo; Sherman Oaks, CA.


1975 First prize drawing, painting; Warren Art League, PA.

1978 First prize in drawing; Festival Call e 8; Miami, FL.

1978 Selected finalist in plastics in the USA at the studies of WPBT Cultural Channel 2; Miami, FL.

1979 First prize in drawing category. Best of the show an purchase award for the private collection of Art League; Hanford, CA.

1979 First prize painting category. Oil Genesis at the 126th Annual Fair of Art; Sacramento, CA.

1981 Collective Exhibition at the XLVLL Museum of Art Juan B. Castagnino; Rosario, Argentina.

1983 The Education Association of Latin American Origin at the Fresno Convention Center; Fresno, CA.

1990 Pastel work demonstration in the Celebration of the Arts; Fresno, CA.

1991 Finalist and first place award winning artist at the Celebration of the Arts; Fresno, CA.

1991 First Prize and best of the Show in paint category at the Civic Auditorium of Hanford, organized by the Art Center; Hanford, CA.

1992 Finalist and first place award winning artist at the Celebration of the Arts; Fresno, CA.

1993 25 Gallery; Fresno, CA.

1994 Sketch artist performance in Venice, Marina Del Rey, and Santa Monica, CA.

1999-2002 Sketch artist performer at Venice Beach and Santa Monica Promenade, CA, US

Educative activities and labors in visual arts

1987-1993 Opened academy of art, ARTE VIVE FINE ART STUDIO, where I developed a teaching program for children and adults. Also teacher of visual arts for children and adolescents in different establishments of the city.

1988-1990 Lead artist of the Arts Correctional Department in the Avenal State Prison. UCLA extension, Artsearch. Developed a program for the inmate population where they could express themselves in the visual arts, music, writing, and performing. It was a unique experience that was challenging, not only my skills as an art educator, but also my skills as a manager. I had to build the program from the ground up and today university students from the area visit the permanent exhibitions.

1991-1993 Member of the directive board of Tulare Kings Regional Arts Council.

1991-1993 Teacher for kids in the Kings Art Center in Hanford, CA. The art center was opened in 1991 in an attempt to bring the creative arts to the children of the community.

1993-1995 Contract Artist for DFZ (Drug Free Zone), a state program at Roosevelt High School in Fresno, CA. The program was created to prevent the increase of drugs and crime in adolescents.

1995-1996 Opened a studio at the artist’s floor of TW Patterson building in Fresno, CA.

1996-1998 Designer at Next Step Fashion. Clothing industry fashion company that creates designs for different articles of clothing. Los Angeles, CA.

1997-1998 Illustrator at Liberty Bell Productions. Illustrated a children’s story “Wingless Angel” which is in the process of being published.

1999 Sketch artist performance in Jane Court at 6541 Hollywood Blvd.
Twelve oil paintings commissioned for global design Inc. “Hollywood Private Business Company.”

1999-2000 Art Designer for “Highlights Desgin LLC in the City of Commerce.
Teaching Artist working with P.S.Arts, located at Santa Monica, CA, US
2014- 2015 Wasco, CA


1967 Gallery of the Spanish Club, Rosario

1971 Gallery of San Cristobal; Firmat, Argentina.

1975 Art League of Warren; Warren, PA. United States

1977 Bacardi Art Gallery; Miami, FL US

1977 Valenti Gallery; Miami, FL.

1978 Charter Club; Miami, FL

1979 Citizen National Bank; Hanford, CA. US

1982 Medical Association Building of Rosario; Rosario, Argentina.

1983 Ross Gallery; Rosario, Argentina.

1983 Tulare County Medical Society Auxiliary; Visalia, CA.

1988 College of the Sequoias Theater Gallery; Visalia, CA.

1988 Metropolitan Museum of Fresno; Fresno, CA.

1991 Government Center of Hanford; Hanford, CA.

1992 Fresno Fulton Mall; Fresno, CA.

1992 Museum of Art Juan B. Castagnino; Rosario, Argentina.