Mikhail i Nastasja Mishinskiy

Mikhail i Nastasja Mishinskiy

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

About Mikhail i Nastasja Mishinskiy

Misha and Nastasja Mishinsky

Collaboration of St.Petersburg artists was founded in 2013.
Live and work in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Misha and Nastasja are young Russian artists born in Siberia.
In 2009 they graduated from art high school in Saint Petersburg.
Members of St. Petersburg Creative Union of Artists (IFA).

Currently they develop joint project «MISHA & NASTASJA MISHINSKY collaborative artists».

Since 2011 they have been carrying out successfully another project – art school called “Izo proekt PARTA”


University of the Arts


"Bella ciao"
Exhibition of Venice.
St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg