Matthew Lord

Matthew Lord

Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom

About Matthew Lord

Here are some works by me, the artist who made them. If I give you the right information you could look at my work in a light that is flattering. Chances are you will see them how you want to see them regardless.
Maybe if you saw me making these pieces it would convince you that they are the real thing, but I can't invite you into the past no matter how much fun that might be.
If there was a whole room full of various artworks, displayed in a random fashion, pell-mell you might say, do you think you would be able to pick out the pieces that were mine? Have a go sometime.

I am stood in a small town in the South-West UK.
You know it's me because I'm the one with my back turned.


The Tivoli Cinema - Tiverton

Bart's Tavern- Exeter

Treadwell's Art Mill - Bradford

Hotel Adrien - Paris

79 Lark Lane - Liverpool


For my seventh birthday I was given a set of chinese calligraphy brushes and an ink stone.

The ticket I designed for the school disco was banned, but I printed them anyway.

Designed Tattoos on the table in front of me in exchange for drinks.

Posters endless Posters.

After thirty years finally managed to do away with the meaning and started on the work instead.


On the backs of hands,

On the inside of book covers,

On cigarette packets,

On sand,

On table tops,

and yes ok,

On walls.