Mladen Micunovic

Mladen Micunovic

the Hague, The Hague Region, Netherlands

About Mladen Micunovic

Mladen Micunovic is a painter born in Belgrade 1956 in former Yugoslavia. Due to his father’s diplomatic career, spending his formative years in different countries, his life story and artistic development are unique in the sense that from his birth he was destined to form a truly international outlook on culture and art.
Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Belgrade in 1980 (1975-1980) his art practice was based in Belgrade, Yugoslavia until 1986 when he relocated to New York, USA where his art practice consisted of the continuation and development of paintings on canvas and plexiglas. He moved to Belgrade, Yugoslavia again in 1988 where he painted and exhibited till 1998. Then he relocated to Austria, Vienna and Klagenfurt where he continued his art practice till 2003. A new period of his artistic development occurred in London, UK where he was artist in residence working in his Charing Cross studio from 2003 to 2005. During this period in London his canvas paintings and his plexiglas paintings finally merged physically and metaphysically into one painting (“Dangerous Desire”). An absolutely unique way of combining two very different materials - canvas and plexiglas, and different techniques of painting, resulting in a personal and original artistic expression concerning the subject matter, technique, and visual stimuli, synthesizing global art tendencies and achievements through his very personal prism of visual art. In 2008 he relocated to Montenegro, on the Adriatic coast and further developed his canvas-plexiglas paintings. From 2014 to the present day he is artist in residence in the Hague, Netherlands.


Academy of Visual Arts in Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1975 – 1980.
Graduated in the class of professor Stojan Celic.
Member of ULUSA (Serbian Guild of Visual Artists) from 1982.


Upcoming solo exhibition in the Hague, Netherlands - "The Hidden", Paintings.


Solo exhibitions:

2016 - Solo exhibition, Open studio, "Angel Wings II", Kunstpassage - Paintings, Den Hague, Holland
2014 - Solo exhibition, Catholic Church Old Town - Paintings, Budva, Montenegro
2007 - Solo exhibition, New Amsterdam Bar Gallery - Paintings, Klagenfurt, Austria
2005 - Solo exhibition, Studio Show, Charring Cross Studios - Paintings, London, UK
2001 - Solo exhibition, Culture Gallery - Paintings, Kotor, Montenegro
2000 - Solo exhibition, Center of Contemporary Art - Paintings, Podgorica, Montenegro
1998 - Solo exhibition, Africa Club - Paintings, Vienna, Austria
1991 - Solo show, Blue Rider Gallery - Paintings, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1987 - Solo show, Private View - Paintings, Washington DC, USA
1987 - Solo show, Open Studio, Hell's Kitchen - Paintings, New York, USA
1981 - Solo exhibition, Dom Kulture - Drawings, Kragujevac, Yugoslavia

Group exhibitions:

1999 - Three Man Show, ULUS Gallery - Paintings, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1992 - Group exhibition Gallery 73 "Aspekti 91" - Paintings, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, curator Djordje Kadijevic
1992 - Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Spring Exhibition - Paintings, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1990 - "Cetinje Salon of Yugoslavian Visual Arts", "13.november"
1990 - Modern Art Salon, Museum of Modern Art Belgrade "Painting and the Plastique” - Paintings, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Curator Jovan Despotovic
1985 - New members of ULUS - Serbian Painter's Guild, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1984 - "Jugoslav Review" - Motovun, Croatia
1983 - Jugoart Gallery, Sava Centar UNCTAD - Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1982 - "67. Izlozba Udruzenja Likovnih umetnika" Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Autumn exhibition - Paintings, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1980 - Arkada Group, Manakova Kuca - Paintings, Belgrade City Museum, Yugoslavia

Paintings in private collections in Washington DC, New York, London, Vienna, Klagenfurt,