Marcia Santore

Marcia Santore

Plymouth, NH, United States

About Marcia Santore

I make paintings. I love color and movement. Sometimes there is a reference to something recognizable: an imagined place, a mythical character, an animal, an action. Sometimes there is a more abstract reference to a motion or an emotion. These tend to be more invocation than evocation. I don’t think an artwork is really complete without viewers bringing their own experience to their perception of a piece. So, spend time with them, let your mind wander in and around and discover things, ask yourself about a particular mark. What it would feel like to make that mark? What does this color do next to that color? What does it mean when Medusa looks back over her shoulder and you catch the glint in her eye? What does it mean that a woman is whirling with multiple legs and two babies under her arms? Why do these lines jump this way around the canvas? Or coil up that way? What do you feel when you look into it? Feel the movement. Let your body wonder how it feels to create those shapes in the world. Feel the emotions that this painting brings up in you. Dance with me.


BFA in Studio Art, emphasis in painting and drawing, University of Texas at Austin, 1982.


Coming up:
Solo Exhibition
Lederer Gallery
SUNY Geneseo
September 2020

Featured Artist
NH Business Committee for the Arts Awards Gala
Manchester, NH ~ May 6, 2019