Monika Meisl Müller

Monika Meisl Müller

Forstern near Munich, Bavaria, Germany

About Monika Meisl Müller

Originally from a small town in Bavaria / Germany, Monika Meisl Müller studied Fine Arts / Art History and the English and American language and literature at Passau University.
During her studies she spent a year in Edinburgh / Scotland.

In the following years she had various teaching assignments for Art and English in and around Munich.

During a Sabbatical she took the chance to spend several months in New Zealand which initiated a breakthrough into painting.

What she says about her art:
"Painting is a special means of communication for me.
Each piece of work represents a definitely private expression of how I percept my world. I don´t want to copy nature. A camera does a perfect job of this.
Rather I am trying to visualize my "very own reality".
People often ask me about the meaning of my pictures. If I had words there wouldn´t be the urgency to express myself through colours and shapes.
My paintings have to speak for themselves and lead to a dialogue with its viewers and their own interpretations.
Only then is my work completed."


Passau University MA in Fine Arts / Art History and Studies of English and American language and literature


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2020 CAMPUS Erding
2018 Retrospektive Möbelhaus Thalmeier, Dorfen
2017 Gruppe PRISMA: EigenSinn Arabella Kulturforum
Bogenhausen, Munich
2017 Solo exhibition: Mohrvilla, Munich
2017 "Fragil" Frauenkircherl Erding

A choice of former exhibitions:
2016 Gruppe PRISMA: Das Shakespeare
Projekt Bürgerhaus Unterföhring
2015  Medizin-Campus, Erding
2014 Bogenhausener Kulturtage, Munich
2014 Kulturforum Gärtnerklinik, Munich
2014 Mohrvilla mit der Gruppe Prisma, Munich
2013  (virtuelle Ausstellung) 
2013    Möbelhaus Thalmeier, Dorfen 
2013    "100 Werke"  Stadthalle, Erding
2013    Bridgeresidenz Bogenhausen, Munich
2012    "Das Blaue vom Himmel" Kunstforum Munich
2012    „Wakuki zeigt Gesicht" Erding
2012 Kulturtage Bogenhausen, Munich
2012 "Bella Figura" Kunstverein Erding
2011   Jahresausstellung des KVE Erding (bayernweite
2011   "UTOPIE" Frauenkircherl, Erding
2011   Medizincampus Erding
2010   "Turmbau zu Babel" Erding
2009    Galerie Hirmer und Hirmer, Simbach/Inn
2009    Kunstsalon des Rotary Club, Dorfen
2009    "Transparenz", Erding
2009    Kulturnacht, Dorfen