Terry Amstutz

Terry Amstutz

About Terry Amstutz

The Truth:
Person of mystery. Soul dancer. Quietness advocate. Invisibility promoter. Living, breathing paradox.

The Facts:
I was born in Wayne County and raised on the family farm located in Apple Creek, OH. I've always been drawn to the excitement and seemingly never-ending inspiration of an urban environment. This led me to make my home in the heart of Akron where I've lived since 1997.

Having attended both Malone College and Kent State University I decided to leave behind a degree in theater arts for a career in business. With business unable to fill the creative void in my life I decided pursue photography. Interested in photography and art from an early age, my creativity and imagination did not begin to really take shape until the advent of the digital revolution.

Photography was my entry into digital art. For me a photograph is more journalistic in nature. As I wrote in my book, "The photograph is the tabula rasa upon which I "˜paint'." I want to get behind the obvious image and get between the ink and paper where the shapes, colors and tones of the photograph provide the "tools" for my creations. I seek to create the world I live in - not document it.

My process I call Visual Glossolalia because the end result is sort of like a "speaking in tongues" visually. I take a collage-like approach to the images I create. Selecting abstract elements and features from photographs and layering them multiple times on a blank background. Part of the layering process includes manipulating the images to further abstraction. I finish them off by adding textures from yet other photographs I have taken.