Moda Monterotti

Moda Monterotti

LOS ANGELES, CA, United States

About Moda Monterotti

Hi I'm Anthony "Moda" Monterotti , photographer in Los Angeles, Ca.
I am the photographer in June 2014 while doing street photography work in Los Angeles, Ca. and shooting the Actor Jonah Hill while he assaulted me with a homophobic slur. He called me a faggot and told me to suck his d%#k. You can look that up on tmz.

The sad part about it all is that Jonah Hill made a public apology filled with lies about me to try and garner sympathy and get a pass for his homophobic outburst. It worked for him and to this day he has never apologized to me. here is the TMZ link to this event:

Moving forward, I'm a serious photographer and artist.
I studied Communication Arts Media at Framingham University in Massachusetts and graduated in 1993, Cum Laude. I moved to Los Angeles, Ca. in 1995.

I have a fundamental interest in the random people I meet on the streets of Los Angeles. A street portrait is very challenging but when you capture a thin slice of someone's essence, esp. after only a brief and random encounter, it becomes a lasting and fulfilling event. I normally ride thru the streets on a bicycle bc Los Angeles is so spread out. Riding a bicycle is a fantastic way to see things .

Like others have said; recognizing those individuals who are overlooked by society feels like a bit of my personal legend. Street images don't usually make great wall art but I just loved being out there documenting with people.

And in 1995 I began shooting head shots for actors using a Canon AE1 film camera. I have also done many weddings, VIP Events, portraits, and PR Images for celebrities. I have also shot well over 10,000 college portraits throughout Southern California .

However my real passion was always on the streets shooting random people. I had 5 bicycles stolen and luckily onlyattacked on the streets once in 17 years of shooting street images.
I shot my first photograph in the first grade with a plastic Diana camera that my Father gave to me. I still have my very first photo i shot with that Diana Camera in 1969 of two school girls running away from me in the school yard.

My drawings are examples of late night stream of consciousness , like morning papers but not done with words and never attempted before the midnight hour. I collected them for over 15 years before ever showing any. I hung one on the wall one day and thought, hmm someone might like this. THANK YOU FOR READING ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK.


B.A : Framingham University, Framingham Massachusetts.


I"m currently writing a book entitled, " The Truth And Secrets Of The Paparazzi " which will be filled with never before seen images(infamous) and the true stories behind the machinations and the symbiotic relationships between Celebrity and the Street Photographer--The Truth ! I just started showing my work after many decades of shooting both Film cameras and digital.


My first exhibit was last January, 2019 @ the BVAA Photography Show Exhibit. I entered two pieces in the Analog / Film category. I won first place for my image entitled " Tubby " shot in 1994 on Tmax Film. I developed the film and processed the image myself in a makeshift darkroom. It truly is the art of photography in this fashion. Peace, Moda Monterotti