Monika Pellkofer

Monika Pellkofer

Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany

About Monika Pellkofer

My pictures and objects are about the exploration of human experience a process of remembering and individual perception. I design abstract landscapes with reduced symbols through the compacting of an concept. I want to tell stories by the use of the combination of different form and color elements in my pictures so that they – at the end – become a especially expression of my individual statement. During my study of communication design I am interested in the area of Semiotik and integrate these findings of „theories of communication“ with short and concise sign codes into my paintings in order to create memories and impressions of recollection to the recipient. Sometimes only a little dot or a consciously solid line completes the composition and can be for the beholder the decisive indication for a possible interpretation.
For example my last series „black snow“ which visualize the overcovering and the suppressing of feelings. These pictures are inspired of the melting greenland glaciers which are in danger due to the exhaust particle which covering the surface like a black blanket and accelerate so the melting process.
My artworks painted mostly with acrylic colours in a mixed technique on canvas. Single printmaking arise on special handmade paper, which are supplemented with chalks, pigments, oil and acrylic colour. Objects and artists books completes my range of art.


Monika Pellkofer participated in intensive studies of painting and art techniques. After the degree in graphic art & design/and communication design at FH Wiesbaden she worked as an art director. Since 1995 she is independent as a freelance artist, illustrator and designer. Monika Pellkofer is a member of the Federal Association of Visual Artists (BBK), the Association of Franconian Artists, the European Art Association „focus-europa“ and also an active member of the Art Clubs in Bayreuth, Gera, Kulmbach, Hof, Hollfeld and Selbitz. Her areas of work are painting, objects and graphics.
Since 1990 she takes part in numerous solo shows (over 30) and group-exhibitions (over 200) in Germany, France, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic. Public and private art purchases, art in the public sphere and publications of her artworks and illustrations in books and art catalogs. Since 2011 she teaches as an art instructor for art workshops and gave classes at a summer-art academy.


Numerous single exhibitions and participations in Germany, Austria, Czech-Republic, France, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia.