James Robb

James Robb

ozark, AL, United States

About James Robb

I`m not a Young man anymore. Off and On been doing this type of Art for over 40 YRS. Early on I was somewhat consumed with tapping my subconscious. I became more serious again in the early 80`s. never any formal drawing lessons. So, I`m told that I don`t realize how troubling my work may seem to some people. So Legally Blind in my right eye. And Left handed so I very much inhabit the more abstract side in the head. So then how to dig deeper? For over 40 yrs I`ve practiced
forms of Self Hypnosis. Throughout the Work this has been an important influence. So then we add certain mental categories, add Paint, or ink, or pastels then?


No formal Art education but studied 3 years with Li Hidley at the Harrisburg, PA. who somewhat taught the abstract to well educated Realists. All I was doing was working the same as drawing but now paint. Hidley was a Jungian and was at the ART Student League of NYC post WW2. So , indirectly i was touched by Hans Hoffman, De Kooning, and Pollock. It is ok to borrow but not to steal. I do not believe in mimicking the dead or my past work. Every new one should be different. Also, work hand in hand with your sub conscious. Even bring it closer to yourself.


My first show was at 4 Winds Gallery on 2nd St. in Harrisburg, PA. One Year after I began Painting for real.
then Art of Pennsylvania show. 2009 or so HENRY BOXER showed my very first painting at the Outsider Fair
in NYC. Vision 1977 Apocalyptic work
SEE MEE featured 4 of my big works in a show.
with a steady income and selling privately I did not pursue shows. Now, I`m in Ozark, Alabama, and show at the Public Library.


Well, this place featured me in something.

see above. Big decision buying a painting,

I do know my work is unique. I have over 2000 works

in Storage. The market was never flooded.
My good friend and patron, expressionist and Art Historian passed last October. Alberto Weller