Ines Nanda Drole

Ines Nanda Drole

volčja draga, primorska, Slovenia

About Ines Nanda Drole

Ines Drole NANDA is a fashion designer _artist, who explores her own microcosm through various media and the liberating content of the creative process itself is her inspiration. With the focus on the emotional essence of the universal pool of creative Ideas and Love, she follows the intuitive pleasure of the metamorphosis of prosaicness into a refined balance of aesthetics and visceral sensuality, which the specificity of the material allows, be it clothes, textile art or home/interior decor..

Artist's statement:

Art is a pure joy of Being the best version of Me..


FNT university Ljubljana_fashion designer,
free lancer,interdisciplinary artist:fashion performans,installation,decor,painting .please check


nov 4th-11th 2018 CA Zanardi artistic residency and group exhibition

april 22.4. -4.5. 2017 Wikiarte galleria Bolognia,Italia,group exhibition

march 2016 CA Zanardi artistic residency ,venice,italy


1993 - smirnoff competition,magistrat
i around toward infinity,collage nternational ljubljana oct. 1993 - fashion collage-fairyland, castle vipolže,goriška brda
nov. 1993 - fashion collage-fairyland,community hall, nova gorica
dec. 1993 - urbanaria, fashion installation, nuk ljubljana dec. 1993 - fashion collage,FNT ljubljana
may 1994 - smirnoff competition,križanke,ljubljana
may 1995 - fashion illustration,odeon,nova gorica
june 1996 - golden door-drawings,avc nova gorica oct.1996 - showroom,avc nova gorica
feb.1998 - winter night queen, ambasada gavioli, izola mar.1998 - around toward infinity, collage,manor house vogrsko,vogrsko
april 1998 - around toward infinity, collage, ambasada gavioli, izola
mar. 1999 - around toward infinity, collage, atelier ingo ineniring, ng
april 1999 - international exhibition,collage, fiera d'arte internazionale,udine, ITA
oct. 2000 - alterego - collage, markus, nova gorica
june 2000 - zodiak, collage, pdg theatre auditorium,nova gorica
may 2001 - I give it to you ,collage, odeon, nova gorica may. 2002 - buskalice, retrospection, collage, tower kojsko, goriška brda
dec. 2003 - love is falling from sky,you don't need umbrella,acril - collage , kulturni dom ng
nov. 2004 - mirror on the wall,unique mirrors,ambient shop, nova gorica
dec 2004 - I'm a woman,I love myself,I hate myself, group exhibition, castle museum ,Gorizia, ITA
nov 2005 - Jupiter and Junona, galerija A.Gradnika, Medana
nov 2007 - "Love is of all colours" - exhibition with texts, Medana
nov 2008-Is that you Eva?-exhibition,installation
jun 2009-Is that you Eva? 2.part,Coronini gallery,Šempeter ,

april 2012 -'Intimate portrait',group exibition, Las Vegas

april 2015 SEAF (Seattle Erotic Art Festival)-group exibition, Seattle

april 22.4. -4.5. 2017 Wikiarte galleria Bolognia,Italia,group exhibition

sept 2018, group exhibition KUD Goriška paleta, NG,Slovenia