Natalia Ostapenko

Natalia Ostapenko

Lille, France

About Natalia Ostapenko

Natalia Ostapenko (b. 1990, Ukraine) is a visual artist based in Lille, France.

She has developed a highly refined, abstract style, which creates kaleidoscopic, geometric compositions with evocative colour palettes. This approach draws on her past experience as a designer and makes reference to historic painting movements and applied fine arts. These non-representational works hold strong associations with reality, for example emulating the experience of changing light at dawn or the patchwork of colours within a summer landscape. Ideas of collage are important with some works are reminiscent of cut-paper modernist works; other use layering to create depth. Her main materials are acrylic on canvas and each work is carefully researched in advance, integrating airbrushing for both visual and narrative effect.

Ostapenko graduated with a Master of Arts from National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv. Before moving to France she exhibited regularly in Ukraine and had two solo exhibitions in Tbilisi, Georgia. Her work is held within private collections in the US, UK, Singapore, Denmark, France, Georgia and Ukraine and this year she is exhibiting within Art Innsbruck in July.