nathalie douillard

nathalie douillard

sainte-hélène, Bretagne, France

About nathalie douillard

I was born in France where i lived until my 9 ears old then i mooved with my family to Portugal. In 1991 i came back to Paris for my studies. I graduated a Licence of art at the University of Paris VIII. I followed severals workshops in France and Portugal: painting, sculpture and engraving. Since 2002 i work in my studio in the region of Bretagne in France. I give lessons of art in highschools and workshops.

I'm fascinated by men extricating themselves from Earth's gravity.

Caressing this dream of levitation opens up new perspectives of angles of view but also of interpretation of our world.

Through my works, both pictorial and engraved, I imagine what happens to levitating bodies and substances.

I create compositions that emphasize the connection between emptiness and our need for reference points and points of attachment. Sometimes I play with solids, vanishing lines, shadows and lights to guide the viewer's gaze, sometimes even going so far as to disorientate him.

I am inspired by the videos made on board the International Space Station, the flights of Zero G planes, but also the history of art. In the latter I draw tracks of subjects, postures or compositions.

My compositions are never static. I am attached to the movement, convinced that it helps us to think.

A glass that rocks, an overturned armchair, it is the daily life that floats, the chance of trajectories ... each becomes a floating conqueror of his universe.

I work by theme, moving from one medium to another. My works become different possible journeys in which the viewer can wander.

Travel and the luggage we take with us become a subject in their own right in my latest work.

To travel, to discover the new, the difference, the Other, leaving something familiar behind us. We leave with our luggage literally as well as figuratively. The most intimate personal effects constitute an anchor with the place of departure. But what is it that circulates in our suitcases like this?

Is traveling light and unhindered also a dream like that of levitation?


- Licence d'Arts plastiques, Université de Paris VIII, 1997
- Cours de gravure dans l'atelier d’André Bongibault et Christos Santamoris, Académie des beauxarts
de Chaville, 1998 à 2002
- Atelier Jennifer Adair, Paris. Peinture aux pigments, 1995 à 1997
- Cours de sculpture sur marbre, Atelier de Moisés, Portugal, 1996


Solo exhibitions:

– Centre culturel l Hermine, Sarzeau, 2021
– Institut de Formation de la Profession Comptable de Bretagne, Art Box , Saint-Grégoire, 2021
– La Colloc, Lorient, 2021
– Médiathèque Pondichéry, Port-Louis, France 2020
– Pôle Mère-Enfant Hôpital du Scorff, Art Box , Lorient, France 2020
– Eudo de Kerlivio, Hennebont, Art Box , Lorient, France 2020
– Centre culturel l Hermine, Sarzeau, 2020
– Hôpital du Scorff, Artbox, Lorient, 2019
– » Substances en apesanteur », Château de Kerdurand, Riantec, 2017
– » Le corps extra-terrestre », Temple du goût, Nantes, 2009
– 2nd Rencontres Auriolaises spatiales, artiste invitée par la commune, Château St-Pierre, Auriol, 2005
– » A igreja, um lugar, um corpo », Galerie-librairie Chá no deserto, Sintra, Portugal, 2001

Selected group exhibitions:
- Passerelle de l'art 2020, Bastille Design Center, Paris
- 2020 Les nuits soniques, chapelle du Saint-Esprit, Auray France
- 2019 Salon Multiples #14,Association Les Moyens du Bord, Morlaix France
- 2019 Collectif de graveurs, l'Orangerie du jardin du Luxembourg, Paris France
- 2018 Galerie Improbable Jardin, Lorient France
- 2015 2nd Global Print 2015, artiste invitée, Portugal
- 2012 Salon Les Hivernales, Paris-Est Montreuil( 75) France
- 2011 Art Metz 2011, foire internationale d’art contemporain, Metz ( 57) France
- 2007 Femmes artistes, galerie du Ministère de la Justice, Lisbonne, Portugal
- 2002 Salon d'Automne, Espace Auteuil, Paris ( 75) France