Pirotte Nathalie

Pirotte Nathalie

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

About Pirotte Nathalie

I live in Brussels, I am a painter and painting teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts. The subject of my artworks is existentialist portrait. In my paintings, the eyes are most often worked or unworked if you prefer.

A theme as the hybridization of commercial and popular images drawn from the media and copy-paste for the realization of portraits such as evocations.
The masks, here are made as pseudo-collages ( “pretended” cut collage but painted)
The mask is a recurring motif, symptom, anachronistic displaced thing. It is a conceptual reminiscence.
Mask is something, a form, that returns through cultures and ages and survives its own death.
There is something pathetic about the masks which are like “capable of anything”.
Painted as a collage in the artwork it creates a particular spatiality, enhancing the geology of the construction and the mutating aspect of someone as well.
Combining intimism with hyper-mediated production, abstraction and figuration, the gesturality of pasta and the almost watercolored descriptive form.it highlights the construction assembly of various faces, various aspects of someone.
From time to time a thick gestures of paint paste, traces; pink or black impasto, symbolic on a deliberately very fine, airy and flat material. The gesture erasing the eyes transforming the face in an effigy .
Elsewhere, an insulating invading space, of almost monochrome colors, enveloping the subject, the background and the figure becoming entangled with a sort of melancholy .
Appearance, identity, the subject is elsewhere, beyond representation.
Colorfull flowers , animals furs as playfull figures surrounding and invading the human figure as a hope.


ENSAV la Cambre, Brussels-
Parsons School of design NYC


Tekenen in Lockdown, SMAK Ghent, 31-10
Cueva Schlassgoard Esch sur Alzette,13 nov 2020



2010 Lana Santorelli , "Hemisphère", New york, USA
Toxic galerie; "Hot summer", Luxembourg, GDL
CAL, Luxembourg, GDL
2011 Le Châlet de haute nuit, Ixelles, B
Truc troc, Bozar, Bruxelles, B
" Trilogisme 1030, fables burlesques",
La galerie.be, Bruxelles, B
Art on paper, Galerie Libertine, Bruxelles, B
Sanrio for smile, Mad events, Milano, Italy
Walloon parliament, Namur, B
Flesh factory festival, Charleroi, B
Köln Art Fair, D
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"Ensemble", Galerie Toxic, Luxembourg, GDL
"Il était une fois", Galerie Libertine, Brussels, B
Galerie Emilie Dujat, Bruxelles, B
"Ensemble", Galerie Toxic, Luxembourg, GDL
2013 Tructroc bozar, Brussels B
« Les baisers », galerie Emilie Dujat,B
« L homme », Galerie Emilie Dujat, B
« Nus d’été », Galerie Emilie Dujat, B
"Pleine lune",Galerie Emilie Dujat, B
2014 : Truc troc Bozar
ART-FAIR Cologne
Emilie Dujat, Bruxelles, " desire and design", 2015 : "Ah l amour !", L orangerie art center,
Bastogne (B)
"Dans les bois sous la mer", Palais Arlon (B)
Galerie Emilie Dujat," Inside the portrait" (B)
Crash Gallery , "Dependances" , Lille (F)
Paris, galerie Métanoia

2016 : Pas si love galerie Bertrand Gillig, Strasbourg F
La S grand atelier "dans les bois sous la mer"
Panchiart Maiori Italy (curator Ch Gangitano) It
"Voluptés", galerie Emilie Dujat (B)
2017: Uecht, GDLuxembourg
Hôtegallery Brussels (B) "Saugrenues"
DeArtCafé Zottegem (B)
Institut Bernard Magrez , Bordeaux (F,)," Never
give up"
Les Memoires de Jacquemotte brussels
Bernice Sint Niklaas (B)
2018 : Mycorhizes , Lamadelaine, Lille ( F)
Artlab Munich , Benjamin Eck gallery, Munich (D)
Galeria Sztuki Katarzyny Napiorkowskiej,
Warsaw- Bxl
2019: Beyond the bushes , Art Sablon , Brussels (B)
Artlab Munich , Galerie B Eck (D)
Around Matisse la Médiatine, B
galerie du Cheval Blanc Virton Belgium
2020: Hôtegallery , Brussels, Célébration, Déconfitures
and Orgasmus Mulieribus
Cueva, Schlossgoard, Bât4, Esch sur Alzette (L)
Tekenen in lockdown, SMAK, Ghent (B)
matador review, Chicago http://www.matadorreview.com/ fall issue 2016
feb 2018 : featured in Average art magazine (UK), http://www.averageart.co.uk/
may 2018 featured in No Name Collective Art Gallery London magazine (UK)

1990 "Entre miel et tanin", Galerie Détour, Namur, B
Musée d'Ixelles, Bruxelles, B
1991, 1994 et 1995
Galerie Caractères, Bruxelles, B
1992 et 1993
Galerie Pascal Retelet, Charleroi, B
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Die kunstgalerie, Köln, D
Pretty Chimeras , Husk Gallery , Brussels (B)