Nathan Paddison

Nathan Paddison

Sydney, NSW, Australia

About Nathan Paddison

Nathan Paddison’s paintings are experiential, raw and drawn from a troubled past. Gestural marks and indistinct language known to the the artist form an expressionistic dialogue. Nathan’s strong line and approach to palette meld closely with the physicality and urgency in which he works. The impatience and powerful language forming in Nathan’s work is akin to compulsion rather than task.


Art from the inside 2019
Naked and nude 2019
Flourish 2019
Gosford art prize 2020
Artwalk NSW 2020
Arts in the Valley 2020
Bricklane gallery open call
Circle arts foundation open call(coronavirus themed) 2020
ArtAscent black and white 2021


Surry hills 2019
Manning art gallery 2019
Naked and nude 2019
Flourish 2019
Gosford regional gallery 2020
The Valley gallery 2020
Sunset Gallery (solo exhibition) 2020
Humble House Gallery (solo exhibition) 2020
Paddison 2021 (solo exhibition)