Ankara, Maltepe/ Çankaya, Turkey

About Nazan KIRCI

As a self-taught artist, I believe that creativity can come from everywhere. The universe is the main source of creation. There are countless beauties on earth even above and underneath. Planets, nebulas, plants, geology, minerals demonstrate the infinite possibility of combinations. Particularly with their forms, colors and texture planets, nebulas and rocks have a big influence on my works.
I teach Architecture at Gazi University in Ankara-Turkey. I think that the principle of basic design principles makes close the Visual Art to the field of Architecture. Enormous influences from artists, -especially Mondrian, Kandinsky, Picasso- have clearly seen on architecture. Therefore as an architect, I feel familiar with Abstract Painting. Inevitably my academic career in architecture reflects on my artworks such as using proportion, geometry, colors, figure-ground and 3d objects etc. Moreover, design studio teaching has so many challenging for enhancing to creativity and taste of the combination of forms.
As a brief; I feel joy and happiness while I am painting and hopes these feelings can pass the followers,
I am also addicted to tango.


She has phd on architecture from Blacksea Technical University.