Attilio Calloni

Attilio Calloni

Agrate Brianza MB, Lombardia, Italy

About Attilio Calloni

My work is deeply influenced by issues related to ecology and the impact that pollution has on current changes facing the planet that hosts us.
It is also a continuous research regarding the way of representing human emotions and their way of revealing themselves.
It is proposed to develop an understandable language that expresses concepts beyond the aesthetic factor, and that leaves, in the observers, a trace, an emotion that can move consciences, which makes you reflect.

Use daily experiences as a starting point and reconsider the perception of society.

In my works, the influence of a graphic designer training is very evident, especially in sculpture; geometrically minimalist design and propensity to simplify by removing.
Firm intention to regain possession of the instinctive part of ourselves, far from social tendencies and forcing.
Perhaps, for this reason, love for African art, free from contamination; freeing the spirit in a pure, primordial state, diametrically opposed to the imitation of styles that we currently observe.

My artistic path, from materials to disciplines, has always been accompanied by experimentation and the desire to leave behind the works of the past, which also means yesterday, and to reconstruct, in each work, a new analysis of our living identity.

Attilio Calloni was born in Monza on 4/8/1963.
His way of doing art, far from patterns, has already emerged from drawings made as a child.
He attended the state art institute of Monza obtaining the diploma of master of art.
He was a student of the architect and designer AG Fronzoni from whom he acquired the notions of essentiality 'in the forms found in his works.
He has participated in group exhibitions: "artistic-mind and christmas in art.
Every year he participates in a yacht design competition.
Constant experimentation and versatility in the use of techniques: pencil, painting, sculpture and digital drawing.
An absolute artistic totality.
It is a great pleasure to meet, especially in this historical period in which there is a competition for those who shout and stand out more, an artist who speaks only with art, in a low voice, but direct and resolute, pursuing his objectives. Noble achievements, true, tackled on tiptoe, provoking yes, but with sensitivity and knowledge of the cause. Sculptor, Painter, PC Artist, in short, Attilio Calloni perfectly represents a sea of ​​ideas, always on the move, always attentive to current events and what is happening around us. Assimilate everything, and then presents it again in the form of a work of art touching our inner sides of the Soul that we did not know existed.
In many of its artistic expressions, we find the theme of inclination, which can make us think, for example, of the fragility of the human being, in the constant search for a stable point; or again to the perpetual movement, in which we find ourselves sometimes immersed without our knowledge. A dynamism with at the center the idea, the man and his branches. I highly recommend to deepen the knowledge of this great artist.


state art institute of Monza
diploma in visual arts and design
diploma in master of art


Attilio Calloni has participated in collective exhibitions of contemporary art:
Christmas in art
Still exhibiting three works in a group exhibition in Milan, in the Vittorio Emanuele II gallery, entitled "neoconstructivist investigation VI.
Also in February he exhibited his sculptures and paintings participating in the exhibition entitled ART.
Both in important Milan exhibition spaces.
He is still present at the eighth neo-constructivist investigation dedicated to painting with three works.
He was present with sculptures in the ARTE exhibition and at the same time in the VII neo-constructivist investigation dedicated to sculpture together with important names of international Arnaldo Pomodoro and Yoshin Ogata
.He attended Emozioni senza confini with works in three dimensions and at the collective Dancing Shadows.
His works have participated in the exhibition Humanism and the New Renaissance dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci on the 500th anniversary of his death.His work is on
He participated in the artist bookmark competition,presenting a proposal designed to make it usable even by the blind: in Braille as well as having two ends cut at 45 ° for better orientation.One of his works is part of the 2020 agenda of the artists. agenda.
Also in the 2021 artists' agenda there is a work, in this case, a sculpture.