Veronika Kryukova

Veronika Kryukova

Gelendzhik, Krasnodar region, Russia

About Veronika Kryukova

My deep desire is to help people. My art is a mixture of science and creativity.

When I started making my paintings, people started telling me that my paintings calmed them down and that people felt better.

Then I decided that this would be my goal: to have a beneficial effect on people's feelings through painting.

It is proved that stress directly or indirectly affects the development of a number of pathological conditions. Therefore, a person's peace of mind preserves their physical health.

I regularly study cultural studies, psychology, and neuroaesthetics to create such paintings not only intuitively, but also consciously.

I am inspired by autumn, fog, rain and cloudy weather. I love it for the quietness of the empty streets, the fresh cool air and muted soft colors, as well as for the special comfort and warmth that arise at home.


- School Of Arts, Russia, 2009

- N. I. Vavilov Russian state University, profile Marketing, bachelor's degree, 2016

- Web design course, 2017

- Video editing courses, 2019

- Vector illustration course, 2019


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