Natalia Juncadella

Natalia Juncadella

Miami, FL, United States

About Natalia Juncadella

I’ve always been drawn to abstraction because I feel it dissuades quick judgments, invites mental and emotional exploration and provides an uninhibited environment not only for the spectator, but especially, for myself. Painting gives way for my thoughts and emotions to drip onto the blank canvas without any inhibitions, just as a diary once allowed me to scribble my thoughts onto a page. The emotional rush I feel when I desire to paint is the same feeling I used to have when I wrote my thoughts into my diary as a child. However, painting serves as a more unadulterated medium to truly express my emotions and thoughts as I don't have to force my emotional state into specific and often times limiting words. Some days, I can tell I’m optimistic because of the color palette I seemed to have subconsciously chosen and other days, I can tell I’m feeling self-conscious or anxious due to the type of strokes I create. Sometimes, I could tell I'm excited or feeling energetic if I paint quickly and other times, my strokes or colors seem to describe a very different emotional state. Each time I paint marks a moment in my life. These feelings - my feelings - poured onto a canvas are simply me at a certain time and place - spontaneous, complex, raw and free. 


University of Pennsylvania, B.A.
Major: Fine Arts, Painting
magna cum laude


"Concerning the Spiritual in Abstract Art"
Matter & Light Fine Art Gallery
Boston, MA, November 2016

Alberto Linero Gallery, Miami, Florida
May 2017 - Present