Nir Mazliah

Nir Mazliah

TEL AVIV, Israel

About Nir Mazliah

Born in 1976,Works And Lives In Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Light came and went away, and came back again - Nir Mazliah

The new series of paintings by Nir Mazliah is directed at phrasing a riddle-like mechanism, enrobed with an intellectual appeal (or charm) witty and tempting. The series deal with a disrupted order, catches a prosaic moment and blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction, between the real world and a suggested, new, imagined world order.

These art works describe and examine the relationship between Man and his landscape and nature. The Pantheistic belief states that God is present in everything and God and nature are one and the same entities. According to the philosopher Hegel the cosmos does not exist outside of God.

Nir Mazliah aspires to a new ideal, and a new infrastructure for sanctity, one of a personal nature, which melts the internal and external worlds, building a bridge in between. In the center of Mazliah's universe, there's a world rotating between myth and narrative. The situations are dreamlike and raise questions about the place of man, the role of Nature, and their validity. Their relationship enables an inner contemplation and expresses hidden emotions. In his novel, "The Lost Boy" Thomas Wolf wrote: "light came and went away, and came back again". One moment it vigorously illuminates a fragment of a memory of an incident, and at another it blinds your eyes and blocks your look: "and thus after all has finished, I knew that all was lost". Mazliah identifies with this outlook and embraces it into his artwork.

Each painting is a different "formula" and each formula creates a different result. Each painting has a different "crust", a different weight and thickness, seizing the light differently, and a different distance between the realistic description and the personal "place".

In the previous series of work, the artist was influenced by cinematographic perceptions in which he, like Auteur, phrased an internal relationship which creates a world in which all the parts comply with the same inner system. In this new series, the same internal system is tightening up by melting the realism and the usage of pictorial formalistic tools that analyse relationships between forms, colours and their meeting point.

Mazliah analyses the existence and power of love at different points in time and places. The meeting point of Love and Nature invites a transcendental point of view, such that exists beyond the corporeality, and is independent of it. Love and nature at the same time expand and exist within the universe and beyond it.

Nir Harmat, Curator


Nir Mazliah
Born 1976, Israel
Lives and Works in Tel Aviv Israel


2005-2006 KALISHER School of Art – Post graduation "5th Year" Project for artists

2000-2004 SHENKAR College of Engineering & Design, Faculty of Design - B.D. in Visual Communication

Solo Exhibitions

2011 "Station" - Zaritsky Artists House, Tel Aviv

2007 "Faraway in me" The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat GAN

1999 "faze" Steinberg Gallery – Art &Cultural Center, HULON

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012 6th International Arte Laguna Prize, at the Arsenale of Venice, Italy

2011 “The Lie of the land" , The Diaghilev - Live Art Boutique Hotel, Tel Aviv

2011 "Execution", Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv

2011 The Artists' Greenhouse, Fresh Paint contemporary art fair 4, Tel Aviv

2009 "Tel Aviv My Love", Office In Tel Aviv Gallery


2008 “Decline”, The HEDER GALLERY, Tel Aviv

2007 "Lost", PYRAMIDA Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa

2007 "Project no 84", Office Gallery, TEL Aviv

2007 "By the Back ", DANON Gallery, Tel Aviv

2006 "Secret Art Project", LEOMI Bank exhibition, Tel Aviv

2006 "Without Prior Notice" BARBUR GALLERY, Jerusalem

1996 Permanent exhibition, Tel Aviv University

ALBER ELBAZ, Paris, France (private collections)
DOV SHIFF Israel (private collections)
Yifat Gurion, Israel
Tel Aviv University, Israel (permanent public collection)