noel perrier

noel perrier

Paris, Ile de France, France

About noel perrier

My work mainly reflect my collections and hobbies : DVDs, comic books, art magazines stored on my crowded shelves, all slither in my pictures. In my painted collages, I am interested in the way various iconographic references can interact together and create a new harmony, and some fun too.

As a matter of fact, Art history is not just a good playground for my silly jokes, but also a kaleidoscope of styles, techniques, virtuose brushstrokes, which i enjoy to explore in detail and lose myself in...

In the "More or less" series (D'A(peu)PRES), I make some biased copies of paintings I admire, focusing on brushstrokes and colored spots. As in some kind of "Pop Impressionism"...


2005-2010 : Paris Fine Arts Academy (ABAVP)


2018 VIth International Art Colony "MALE PČELICE" Kragujevac (Serbia)
2016 XIth International Art Colony "Skopje" (Macedonia)
2015 artist in residence "Pignon sur rue". Croix de Chavaux, Montreuil (France)


2018 Biennale 109. Paris (France)
2017 FilaF "art book fair". Perpignan (France)
2016 Biennale 109. Pontlevoy Abbey (France)
2015 29th painting prize. Saint-Gregoire (France)
2015 FIAAC. Pouilly-sur-Loire (France)