Armen Antaramian

Armen Antaramian

LA, CA, United States

About Armen Antaramian

With a background in psychology, my artwork revolves around the intersection
of the human psyche. My undying passion for art motivates me to design pieces from a
combination of materials, with acrylic paint as the primary medium. Like other artists, I
aim to express my interpretation of the world, while alluding to familiar aspects of our
physical realm. My work embodies a dream-like state, one without rigid structure or
overbearing instruction. Additionally, I employ the fundamental techniques used in
painting as well as graffiti. By experimenting with optical illusions, perspectives, and
geometry, my art gains an elevated degree of complexity, yet can still be understood by
all. Creativity keeps me going, with each piece coming out different from the next.
My approach is all about process and immersing myself in my work. Color for me
is a fundamental yet imperative tool. My brand and motto, NoThisIsArt, illustrates there
is not a single correct perspective of viewing or defining art. Most of my work has been
able to successfully achieve a balance between the traditional and contemporary values of
art today. I strive to create an inclusive atmosphere with the acceptance of multiple
perspectives and various influences.


B.A., Psychology