Oceanfire Mandalas

Oceanfire Mandalas

Bristol, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

About Oceanfire Mandalas

At Oceanfire Mandalas we seek to elevate the mandala — from pop aesthetic to its true status as a profound symbol of the infinite. We invite you to lose yourself in hypnotic design, sink beneath the surface and discover your higher consciousness. From inception and research, to methods and materials, our interpretation of the mandala pays homage to its rich history while furthering its potential in our future.

Our journey into mandala history has revealed a starkly primitive beginning. The symbols appear in cave drawings and carvings by prehistoric humans and are found in Native American and Aboriginal Australian cultures dating back tens-of-thousands of years. The mandala was — and is — used as a tool for enhancing meditation practice and for achieving transformative altered states.

Reports of mandala visions appearing during explorations of the psyche are universal.The mandala transcends the limits of place and time, culture and religion; it helps us to connect with our innate capacity for spiritual experience. The survival of this symbol throughout the history of humankind is a testament to their enduring power and generous contribution to our search for meaning.

We are inextricably linked to the mandala, as the mandala is to all things. We find their patterns on macro and micro scales — from spiral galaxies, to cellular and atomic structures. We see animals, plants and crystals, weather formations, cymatics and mathematics, all sharing manifestations of mandala forms. The symbol is in us and around us, waiting for us to hear the call. Recent studies have shown that complex and aesthetically pleasing patterns can stimulate neuronal growth.

Neurologists theorise that our brains are hard-wired to detect patterns — some even believe that pattern recognition is the engine that drives human evolution. Our mandalas offer a gateway; step over the threshold, and return — more evolved.