Ognyan Chitakov

Ognyan Chitakov

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

About Ognyan Chitakov

Ognyan Chitakov is a contemporary professional Bulgarian fine art sculpture artist. He has master degree of education at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. He lives and works in the beautiful Bulgarian town of Asenovgrad, where his home and studio are based. Sculpture is his main way of thinking, his way of communication, his way of living and his complex look at life. Sculpture gives him the freedom to create and makes his ideas visible. He loves sculpture because it gathers all in him - form, space, function, architecture, design, engineering, technology and above all Art – both fine and sculptural.
Among all materials used to shape sculptures his passion lies in stone. Stone is ancient and sacred, and it is already part of his nature.

Ognyan Chitakov is nationally famous now for his extra large figurative solid stone sculptures, abstract statues and geometric monuments, which can be seen in many galleries, banks and public places all over the country. Most of his artworks are already part of private collections in Western Europe, Middle East and the U.S.A.

"The stone material is alive and has a soul. I never ignore it and its gravity as well. I try to give each artwork the feeling of lightness." Ognyan Chitakov


1998 - 2004 - mater degree in fine art sculpture at the National Academy of Arts "Nikolay Pavlovich", Sofia, Bulgaria


2013, Solo exhibition "Attraction" / Art Gallery "Paris-Moscow" - Sofia, Bulgaria

2012, Solo exhibition "Characters" / Resonance Gallery - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2010, Solo exhibition "Directions" / Gallery "The Mission" - Sofia, Bulgaria

2010, Solo exhibition "Directions" / Gallery "The Mission" - Sofia, Bulgaria

2006, Extra Large Public Statue / Wertingen center - Wertingen, Germany

2006, Sculpturenweg / Butenwiesen - Butenwiesen, Germany

2005, Sand Sculpture / Cervia - Cervia, Italy