Jean Vengua

Jean Vengua

MONTEREY, CA, United States

About Jean Vengua

Since the onset of the Pandemic in early 2020, I’ve been using OuPeinPo processes (where both rules and chance determine writing and art) in my work. A toss of dice or seeds in a mancala game, letters in a word chosen at random from a dictionary or poem, or the outcome of geomantic divination determine what lines, shapes, colors, and content emerge in my art (mostly ink, graphite drawings, and collage). Ironically giving me great freedom to explore visual language, such rule-bound “games” allow me to create a process structure that mediates any tendency to “overthink” and “overdo” when creating art.

I returned to visual art after several decades of teaching ethnic literature and writing. Working in a small space (once a priest’s cottage), I create art on a contemplative and intimate scale (from as small as 5 x 5 in. to [currently] 18 x 18 in.). My mediums are graphite, ink pencil, pastel, and cold wax medium on paper, and occasionally acrylics on wood panel.

Instagram: @jeanvengua

*OuPeinPo: Too long to explain here, but there's plenty of information about it online, along with the related OuLiPo, OuBaPo, and OuXPo.


B.A., World Literature & Cultural Studies, UC Santa Cruz; PhD., English/Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley


The Lab (Carmel): "Elemental: Ground and Growth" with Zoya Scholis (2019)

North Fork Arts Projects (St. Helena, 2019)

Monterey County Artists Open Studios, Walter Avery Gallery (2018)