Olga Crée

Olga Crée

Samara, Samara region, Russia

About Olga Crée

From childhood Olga studied Music and English, received a law degree, but painting always remained just a hobby. She collected fashion publications, books, and clippings from fashion headings, catwalk and photographs of Paris and New York on the walls. At the age of 25, Olga decided to change her life and devote herself only to drawing. It was the best decision in her life.

“I see the story in every face, every hand movement and pose. I’m not afraid to have idols. They inspire me. I feel like I’m a part of their life by creating images on paper. I want to see original, natural beauty.
Beauty is the driving force of communication between people. It is impressive and disappointing sometimes. But it will never be secondary.
My portraits drawings are about personality, they either reveal the emotion of a person or hide it even further.
My fashion drawings are about style, about its meaning.
...Because your style is something you want to say to the world. To be simple or bright? To be a shadow or feel like every day is kinda party? Are you in trend or are you beyond the general view? We understand each other through our image.
I am trying to understand you through the Picture. My drawings are not about me and my world, they are about YOU.”


American Art Award 2019 winner (pop art)