Olga Helly

Olga Helly

Tallinn, Estonia

About Olga Helly

I am an artist of Russian origin, living and working in Europe. I lived in Russia, Latvia and Great Britain, I live in Estonia and I am going to move again.

I`ve been creating and selling my artworks for over 20 years.
I see my mission in Art as a connection between the power and energy of nature and modernity and comfort of human living spaces.


2003- 2009 graphic designer, Kuban State University, Russia.


October 2020, participation in the art exhibition "Pandemic Self Portraits", Green Wave Gallery, Denver, Colorado, USA.
June 2020, participation in the international internet project by Adienne DeLoe "Panemic Self Portraits".
June 2017, participation in the art exhibition "Nature's Beauty Art Contest". International Gallery Of The Arts (IGOA)
March 2015, participation in the charity exhibition and auction "Art for peace". Riga, Latvia
November 2013, participation in the art exhibition of the project “Sava Istaba”, Riga, Latvia, paintings, dolls
April 2013, International Live rainbow museum, Riga, Latvia, dolls, comics.
May 2013, «Queer Riga» - Czech TV filmed me and my dolls
March 2013 International Live rainbow museum, Riga, Latvia , dolls
January 2013, International Live rainbow museum , Stockholm, Sweden, dolls
2012, I participated in dolls exhibitions in Riga (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia).
October – November 2011, my personal dolls exhibition «My visiting card. Olga Helly: The Dolls», Riga, Latvia.
2010- 2011 I participated in dolls exhibition "Laterna magika" in Kaliningrad (Russia), Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania), Tallinn (Estonia).