Oscar Delmar

Oscar Delmar

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

About Oscar Delmar

The universe, the space, is that place where we will surely never find God but maybe we will find the tragic answers to our ephemeral humanity.
Perhaps we have the hope that in so much darkness there are still many of the answers that distress us. Our origin, our existence, the why, the for what.
Each artwork of my work is an interweaving of elements that relate and debate between the human and the divine, science and the sacred, the physical, the mystical, the banal and even our fear of just “have been”.

While human knowledge was expanding in the last centuries, the “God of the gaps” diminished and the great questions that still tormented humanity were taken on by Planck, Einstein, Schrödinger, Bohr,... and more specific sciences such as quantum physics, thus filling the void left by the great philosophers.
For this reason, are physics and philosophy, among others, the guiding thread, the language or even the compass that maintains the north of a process, which at times is destructive.
I am interested in questions, the questions that generate other questions, the questions that have no answer, the answers that generate doubts, the error.


2000/2003 Fine Arts
University of La Laguna, Canary Islands, Spain
2003/2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts
University of Barcelona, Spain
2005/2006 Communication Design
Milan Polytechnic, Italy


2019 Group Show / Espacio S/T / Canary Islands, Spain
2018 Solo Exhibition / Eve-Maria Zimmermann Art Biennial / Canary Islands, Spain
2016 Group Show / Affenfaust Galerie / Hamburg, Germany
2014 Group Show / Room Art Fair / Madrid, Spain
2014 Group Show / DAX Gallery / Los Angeles, U.S.A.
2014 Group Show / Slowtrack / Madrid, Spain
2013 Group Show / LASALA / Zaragoza, Spain
2013 Group Show / Cosmo Gallery / Barcelona, Spain
2012 Group Show / TEA (Tenerife Arts Space) / Canary Islands, Spain
2012 Group Show / Ikara Gallery / Barcelona, Spain
2012 Group Show / In Toto Gallery / Johannesburg, South Africa
2012 Solo Exhibition / Ikara Gallery / Barcelona, Spain
2012 Group Show / RAW, Islington Mill / Manchester, United Kingdom

2014 Gallery Akaro / Room Art Fair / Madrid, Spain
2012 Contracorriente / TEA (Tenerife Arts Space) / Canary Islands, Spain