Isabela cernica

Isabela cernica

Mississauga , ON, Canada

About Isabela cernica

Good Day to you and Welcome to my creative world!

I am Isabela, a world traveler and nature lover who lives in Canada.
My passion for painting started very early in my childhood when I exhibited my work for the first time. I was inspired by the idyllic sceneries embracing my Grandmother's house, folk music and tales, and the day to day activities of the peasants. From an early age, I have felt that nature uses humans as a medium to voice its emotions. I have always used meditation, prayer, and yoga to connect with my environment and understand it better.

Over the years, I lived in different places, traveled mostly in Africa and Asia, discovered a spiritual path, and connected with people that lived across the globe.
I tried to remain active, creating visually pleasing and comforting pieces, but my work life was very busy and I have reduced my time spent in the studio.
After life-altering circumstances, I moved for almost a year in my childhood village, where I met again with the call of nature, miraculously recovering myself using art therapy.

I am now investing myself in Art, using my experiences as an inspiration and my photographs taken over the years, as a reference. While I paint, I listen to classical music, fully immersed in the process and add to its energy by maintaining vibrant thoughts.
Through my work, I seek to bring a sense of calm and completion, transmitting an everlasting feeling that life is as beautiful as we choose to see it.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do.