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Acrylic paintings have come a long way since the first generation of acrylic paint became commercially available to artists in the 1950s. Oil paint was the reigning, centuries-old medium for fine artists, and, as expected, many were initially skeptical about the newly-invented paint. In time, and as formulas improved, many artists appreciated how non-toxic acrylics offered faster drying time and the ability to mimic both richly pigmented, glossy oils and sheer watercolors through the use of various media and varnishes. Within the last half-century, the versatility of acrylics has won over many devotees, increasing the number of masterfully-rendered contemporary acrylic paintings available to collectors worldwide in a wide range of styles both abstract and representational. We encourage you to browse through Saatchi Art’s impressive selection of acrylic paintings for sale by some of the most talented emerging artists from around the globe.

History of Acrylic Painting

History of Acrylic Paintings

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