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Whether you are looking for an original fine art painting or a high quality art print, Saatchi Art has over 3,088 original fine art paintings for sale from emerging artists around the world. Read more

Although what artworks qualify as fine art paintings is much debated, we believe that original paintings which are skillfully and imaginatively created for aesthetic purposes qualify as fine art, regardless of who created them or where they have previously been exhibited.  This no-barrier-to-entry policy makes Saatchi Art one of the most exciting places to discover and invest in emerging fine art artists. Best of all, collectors aren’t limited to purchasing fine art gallery paintings by visiting brick and mortar establishments, but are now able to discover fine art paintings, posters and prints, fine art sculpture, and fine art drawings from the comfort of their homes.  Our selection of artworks for sale runs the gamut from finely-detailed hyperrealist works to abstract art paintings by some of the most talented artists from around the world. 

People have created painted artwork for millennia, evidenced by the 30,000-year-old cave paintings in the Chauvet Cave in France. However, it wasn’t until the advent of aesthetics (the philosophy of beauty and artistic taste) that people began distinguishing between fine art (art created purely for aesthetic pleasure) and applied art (artistic objects created for a practical purpose).  In time, primarily during the Era of Enlightenment, finer distinctions were made--and standards for fine art, or high art, were established. Eventually, however, these lines would again blur when visionary painters including Cezanne, Gauguin, and Van Gogh ushered in a new era of fine art by blending classical traditions with techniques considered by some of their contemporaries as “primitive” or even “childlike.”  Today, “fine art paintings” now encompass a wider array of artworks than the category did for earlier generations, although debate still continues (and will likely continue into the future) as to what styles/genres are worthy of inclusion.

Contemporary fine art paintings encompass many different styles and genres. The artist’s subject matter and intended overall effect dictate the materials he/she chooses to work with--whether oil, acrylic, watercolor and/or a texturizing medium upon canvas, paper, or wood panels.  Though there is absolutely no limit to what contemporary artists can choose to represent, there are five classic fine art painting genres specified by several of the most prestigious and historied art academies including the Royal Academy in London, Accademia dell'Arte del Disegno in Florence, Accademia di San Luca in Rome, and the French Académie des Beaux-Arts.  These genres are: Portraits (either individual or group); landscapes; history painting (despite the name, these need not represent a historical event, but rather contain a narrative and underlying message, usually of a moral nature); still life; and genre-painting (scenes from everyday life).

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Paintings, 38.6 W x 38.6 H x 0.3 in
Prints from $40
COLOR STUDY ST013 - Original, Paintings image
Paintings, 39.4 W x 39.4 H x 0 in
1 - March 2, 2017, Paintings image
Paintings, 27.6 W x 19.7 H x 0.1 in
Prints from $95
Have a Light?, Paintings image
Paintings, 36 W x 24 H x 0.2 in
Prints from $100
Blossoms, Paintings image
Paintings, 19 W x 19 H x 1 in
United States
Prints from $51
Marsh near the Creek, Paintings image
Paintings, 28 W x 14 H x 0.1 in
Prints from $40
Forest Edge, Paintings image
Paintings, 20 W x 26 H x 0.1 in
Prints from $40
Black Moon Waxing, Paintings image
Paintings, 11 W x 14 H x 1 in
United States
Demon Heart, Paintings image
Paintings, 11 W x 14 H x 1 in
United States
On fire from within, White red abstract, Paintings image
Paintings, 30 W x 45 H x 0.2 in
Three earrings, Paintings image
Paintings, 23.6 W x 39.4 H x 0.4 in
Czech Republic
Prints from $40
Motif # 99, Paintings image
Paintings, 30 W x 26 H x 0 in
United States
Prints from $40
Temperamental, Paintings image
Paintings, 36 W x 48 H x 3 in
United States
Healing By Blindness, Paintings image
Paintings, 25 W x 35 H x 1 in
United States
Maw Of Glory, Paintings image
Paintings, 11 W x 14 H x 1 in
United States
Pearl, Paintings image
Paintings, 36 W x 24 H x 0.3 in
Prints from $100
Water Thicker Than Blood, Paintings image
Paintings, 17 W x 21 H x 1.5 in
United States
A Simulation of the Real Thing, Paintings image
Paintings, 20.1 W x 29.9 H x 1 in
United Kingdom
Re Surface, Paintings image
Paintings, 31 W x 43 H x 2 in
United States
Cesped 2, Paintings image
Paintings, 51 W x 63 H x 1.2 in
STILL FRAME 3, Paintings image
Paintings, 24.4 W x 24.4 H x 0.4 in
Prints from $100
Studio Sun Light, Paintings image
Paintings, 32 W x 42 H x 3 in
United States
Prints from $110
deconstruction r003, Paintings image
Paintings, 11.8 W x 16 H x 0.2 in
United Kingdom
Prints from $76
Reproduction of Sound, Paintings image
Paintings, 12 W x 12 H x 0.1 in
Prints from $40
'We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants', Paintings image
Paintings, 15.5 W x 21.6 H x 0.5 in
South Africa
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