Francisco Palomares

Francisco Palomares

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Francisco Palomares

Francisco Palomares has used art to overcome the socioeconomic obstacles of his East LA neighborhood since his youth. He converted these disadvantages into opportunities in which he saw each street as visual narratives emanating the challenges and beauty of an ever-changing environment. As a young artist, he studied the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Francisco’s practice would allow him to train at Ryman Arts and earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts from California State University, Long Beach. He later flew to Florence, Italy and Guangzhou, China to study art. After his travels, he relocated his studio PalomaresBLVD, to his neighborhood of Boyle Heights. In this space, Palomares paints the clashing streets and diverse BLVD’s of the city’s urban landscape. PalomaresBLVD invites the viewer to take a walk in the shoes of the artist to understand—through the complex images documented in his paintings—what it truly means to work, live, and play in the City of LA.


Ryman Arts Alumni 2007.
Academia de Bella Arte. 2010
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art. 2013.
California State University, Long Beach. Bachelors of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. 2014.


“Look Whos Talking Now” Human Resources L.A, Los Angeles, CA.
“Ganas de Existir” Angel Gate Cultural City, San Pedro, CA.
“LA Open 2019” Tag Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
“Naked!” Jankossen Contemporary, New York, NY.

“Mixed Media” Site:Brooklyn , New York,New York.
“Carne Assada” Brazilian Consulate / Mexican Consulate Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.
“Not A Label” Chimmaya Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
“Barrio L.A” Barrio Dandy Vintage, Boyle Heights, CA.
“Above the Streets” Artshare L.A, Los Angeles, CA.

“Mi Casa Es Su Casa” El Comalito Collective, Sacramento, CA.
“2017 Open Show” Gallery 825, Beverly Hills, CA.
“PalomaresBLVD” Gallery 417, Los Angeles, CA.
“Office Hours + In Focus: Rachel DuVall” The Main Museum, Los Angeles, CA.
“Fantasies & Fallacies” Mexican Consulate, Los Angeles, CA.
“Holiday Art Sale” ArtExchange, Long Beach, CA.
“Friday The 13th” The Stache Bar, Long Beach, CA.
“Dia de Los Muertos” Ontario Museum of History & Art, Ontario, CA.
“Borders” Angel City Brewery, L.A Arts District, Los Angeles, CA.
“Ryman Arts Worlds of Possibility” Clifton’s Republic, Los Angeles,CA.
“PalomaresBLVD”, Opodz, Los Angeles, CA.
“Fa4 Collective Takes San Diego”, Cultura Gallery, San Diego,CA.