Paola Majerna

Paola Majerna

Milano, Lombardia, Italy

About Paola Majerna

I am born in Milano in Italy, where I live now. My atelier is in Inverigo, near Milano, in direction to the north.
I am a sculptor and painter, I also work with ceramic.
I work in a naturalistic way, both in paintings and in sculpture.
Since many years I am exposing my works in two galleries, on a is Galleria Ponte Rosso in via Brera in Milano, and the second is Petergallery in Ponte di Legno.


I studied in Milano. First at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, then, at Accademia di Brera.


The 5th of October starts my next exhibition in gallery Ponte Rosso in Milano, it is a tree persons exhibition. It is a very important moment for me.