Paolo Bonfiglio

Paolo Bonfiglio

About Paolo Bonfiglio

He was born in 1972 in the Langhe area.
Selftrained, he has always been interested in drawing, art and cinema.
He worked in many ateliers and theatres as scene-painter in collaboration with Emanuele Luzzati.
He took part to various exhibitions of drawings and comics.
He started his film making activity in 2001.
He made live projections of the instant-art-movie "Putan CLUB" all over Europe.
In 2007, he carried out the animated film "MATER", based on the music by Mick Harris, one of the most important European musician of the past century.
The film "MATER" won the first prize of the international contest "Fiac Show Off: Arts Numériques" in Paris.
His films are diffused by the organization "68 Septante" and by the artist Wilfried Agricola De Cologne.
Paolo Bonfiglio has shown his drawings and paintings all over Europe.
His films have been projected all over the world.

He lives and works between Genoa and Paris.