Cordula Kagemann

Cordula Kagemann

Bruchhausen-Vilsen, Niedersachsen, Germany

About Cordula Kagemann

Works freelance as a visual artist and art educator since 1998
since 2004 Member of IAPMA (International Association of Papermakers and -Artists)
Recurring themes in my work are the cyclic nature of everything living as well as the process of every day life; collecting experiences, impressions and places, getting older, remembering and forgetting.


Studied Visual Arts at the University of Bremen, Germany


artists portfolio in "Kolaj Magazine" No 16


National and International Exhibitions
- The Poetic Power of Collage“, Mymicrogallery, Milano/ Italy
– "European Cut Out", Terre Verte Gallery, Cornwall/UK
– "Mixed Media" - Solo Exhibition, kleine galerie eichenbergerstraße, Bremen
– Quadratfuß, NX² Berlin (G)


-“KUNST ist LEBEN ist KUNST”, Kunstverein Syke (G)

– “Landschaf(f)t Kunst I” – Offene Ateliers, Atelier Weseloh 3

– “Neu verortet”, kleine galerie eichenberger Straße, Bremen (G)

– “Gebäumt, Gezinkt & Abgedreht”, Kulturelle Landpartie, Werkhof Kukate, Wendland (G)

– 17th International Collage Exhibition, Percy Thompson Gallery, Stratford, Neuseeland (G)


– „Zweimal hinsehen“, Gallerie at Wassermühle Barrien and Sparkasse Barrien, Germany

– Collagen und Papierkunst, Die Freudenburg, Bassum , Germany(E)

– “The Nexus of Craft and Fine Art in Papermaking”, Museo Della Carta, Fabriano, Italy (G)

– 16th International Collage Exhibition, Percy Thompson Gallery, Stratford, New Zealand (G)

-„Friends“, Virtual TART, New Zealand (virtual Exhibition) (E)

-„Lebensentwürfe“, Bremer Frauenmuseum in der ZGF Bremen, Germany (G)


– KUNST.ZEIT, 1a – Aktionsraum für Kunst und Design, Recklinghausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen/ Germany (G)

-”Zeitweise”, Rathaus Bruchhausen-Vilsen/ Germany (E)

– A Book About Death Australia, Tweed River Art Gallery, Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia (G)

– 15th International Collage Exhibition,Percy. Thompson Gallery, Stratford, New Zealand (G)

– “Strange Glue – Collage at 100″, Thompson Gallery, Weston, MA/ USA (G)

– “Ein Fest fürs Auge”, Bremer Frauenmuseum in der ZGF, Bremen/ Germany (G)

– Collagen und Papierkunst, Atelierhof Galerie, Bremen/ Germany (E)

– 14th International Collage Exhibition, Percy Thomson Gallery, Stratford/ New Zealand (G)

– “Schere, Stein, Papier”, Ackerbürgerhaus im Kreismuseum Syke/ Germany (E)


-” Zwei Wege”, Niedersächsisches Kultusminsterium Hannover, Germany

– International Paper Art Special Exhibition, Korean Craft Museum, Cheongju/ South Korea (G)

– “Silver”, IAPMA, 69 Smith Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria/ Australia (G)

– ART’COLLAGES en Doller, Masevaux/ France (G)

– 13th International Collage Exhibition, Percy Thomson Gallery, Stratford/ New Zealand (G)

– “Nord-/Südkorrespondenz”, kleine galerie eichenbergerstraße, Bremen/ Germany