Yigal Pardo

Yigal Pardo

Herzelia, sharon, Israel

About Yigal Pardo

Born in Jerusalem.
Academy graduate in professional photography studies .
Work and live in Tel-Aviv & Hertzeliya, Israel.
Working as a freelance photographer .

Some words about me and the works:
The one thing in photography which interests me the most is testing boundaries and finding basic and fundamental characteristics that separates different areas and subjects, both in the visual level and in the philosophical level.
I am taking real life scenes that are transferred to the surreal. In my work I'm trying to give a new meaning to the scene.
By taking the scene out of its contexts, some time with computer techniques,
I bring the audience into my surreal world and into his or her own imagination.
You can also get to my personal art web site www.pardo-art.com


1989 Academy graduate in professional photography studies, Jerusalem, Israel.
1989-1992 working in New York.
1992 Start to work as a freelance photographer in Israel.


1993 – "Limbos - a place for photography", Tel Aviv, Israel Curator - Judith Guweta
1994 - "Monada", cobalt - Jerusalem. Israel. Curator - Yuval Hason
1996 - " Mute life ", photographs, College of Design, WIZO -Haifa. Israel.
1997-1998 annual photography exhibitions photogenic. Tel Aviv port. Israel.
1998 - Exhibition of photographs on the individual and society, Kafka Museum, Prague, Czech Republic.
2001 - 2007 Committee to Fight AIDS - Artists Exhibition, producer Rani Rahav. Israel.
2003 – "Photogen" Portraits of dogs, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator – Lee-Mor Cohen
2006 - Tel Aviv Artists Workshops
2007 – "Cat" Exhibition at the "Erets Israel" Museum. Tel Aviv, Israel.
2010 – "Israeli landscape" Michigan, USA.
2012 – "TLV photo" Exhibition. Tel Aviv, Israel. Curators – Hila Tadmor and Dalit Merhav.
2013 – "Nature of land" Exhibition. Curators – Varda Genosar. Hertseliya Israel.
2013 – "TLV photo" Exhibition. Tel Aviv, Israel. Curators – Hila Tadmor and Dalit Merhav.
2013 – "Privet collection" Exhibition. Biyalik Café Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator – Inbal Sabag.
2014 – "Nitzolim 2014" Portrait of Holocaust survivors. Amiad Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator -Noga Arad-Ayalon.
2014 – "Art Basel" Miami Beach. USA.
2015 – "Rite of Spring 2" Exhibition. Tel Aviv, Yafo, Israel. Curator – Shlomit Altman.
2015 – "Sale Exhibition - stage performance" (shelter 209). Tel Aviv, Yafo, Israel. Curator – Killy koren.
2016 – "Homage" Exhibition. Contempop gallery - Tribeca,NY, NY, USA.
2016 – "ArTi" Galleries art fair exhibition. Tiroche gallery, Hertsliya - Israel.
2016 – Art Hamptons Galleries art fair exhibition. Bridgehampton, NY - USA
2017 – "Market Art + Design" Galleries art fair exhibition. Bridgehampton, NY – USA
2017 – Venture Gallery - Monterey, CA, U.S.A
2017 – BARCÚ- Fair of Art and Culture. Bogota, Colombia
2017 – Context Art Miami, Biscayne Bay. Miami, FL, U.S.A
2018 – Yixian International Photo festival Exhibition, China.
2019 – Market Art + Design Bridgehampton, East End's premier art fair. USA.
2020 – The deal of the century, Umm el–Fahem Art Gallery, Curator –Said Abu Shakra, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2020 – Affordable Art Fair NY Spring edition, USA.