Patrick Bornemann

Patrick Bornemann

San Francisco, CA, United States

About Patrick Bornemann

French Artist from Nice living in the Bay Area for 20 years.
“Color has taken possession of me”, a quote by artist Paul Klee perfectly describes my relationship with art. I assemble and play with color to create harmony, it is my obsession and passion. I come from a multicultural background and upbringing throughout: Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Africa. What has always inspired me the most is color. I started my career in TV and cinema as a set designer. That propelled me into my art work on murals and then later in interior design. I started painting when I was 14 years old, but began putting a greater focus on my fine art 18 years ago, when I moved to Marin.

I paint what I see, so living in the Bay area is tremendously inspiring to me. The spectrum and change of light and color throughout the day is infinite, which I try to capture and share with you. When I paint I feel like the director of an orchestra and my canvas is the music.


- Venice, Italy. European Center for Training in the Conservation of the Architectural Heritage.
- Avignon, France. Ecole du Roy René.
- Art history, University of Nice, Humanities Departments.
- Art history, Lycée Michelet, Marseille, France.
- Fine Art “Villa Thiole”, Nice France.


2019: Book cover of "San Perdido" David Zukerman. Edition Calmann-Levy. Paris.
2018: Golden Gate Bridge Painting featured on the movie set of Ant-Man and the Wasp. Los Angeles.
2017: Exhibit at “Seahorse”, Sausalito.
2016: Exhibit at “Madrigal”, Sausalito.
2015: Auction at Fort Mason, San Francisco.
Cover magazine Sasee
2014: Exhibit “Bio” Sausalito.
2013: Exhibit "GGB" Sausalito.
Production designer, movie “Burned out”. Los Angeles.                                                     
The “Favela” collection is featured in the movie “Brûlures”. Los Angeles.                                 
Favela Painting featured on the TV set of Devious Maid        
2011: Exhibit “Life Size” - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.
Exhibit “Life Size”- Sausalito, USA.
Illustration for Disney-Vacation-resort
2010-2008: Work simultaneity on the series “Life Size”and  “Favela”
2007: Exhibit “Bridges”-San Francisco, USA.
2006: Exhibit “Bridges”- Sausalito, USA.
2002-2005: Work on the series “Bridges” 
1998-2001: Galerie “Couleur Terre”- Mill Valley, USA.
1996: Large Mural on canvas in Monaco Tourism Office- Milan, Italy.
1995: Large Mural on canvas in Monaco Tourism Office- Madrid, Spain.
1993: Art Street, Monaco Grand Prix –Monaco, Principality of Monaco.
1992: Expo’92, Pavilion of Monaco- Seville, Spain.
1990: Sell Auction at Drouot- Paris, France.
1989: “Bicentennial French Revolution”- Nice, France 
1987: “La Ruée vers l’Art”- Paris, France.
1983: sculpture - Paul Ricard Museum- Bendor, France.