Patrik Šíma

Patrik Šíma

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

About Patrik Šíma

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Patrik Šíma, born in 1977, is a contemporary and expressionist artist currently living in Prague, Czech Republic.

Šíma is evolving so called New figuration which he pushes to the 21st century's new media borders.
He focuses on figure in its loneliness as well as flawlessness. By a strong expressive manifestation and large formats he enables man to excel as an unique entity. His figures are always searching the way out and have their meaning contained only in their own existence. Great formats of paintings are significantly completed by collages in smaller sizes, created in an intensive contrast of everydayness sights.

One of Šíma's great strenghts is color. He deserves a lot of attention for his manipulation of color. Color holds his artworks together and helps express his inner feelings at the same time. Furthermore, dramatic brush strokes help him express emotion and add a feeling of movement to his works.

Although the figure has often been central in Šíma's painting, his approach to it suggests a deep unease about the possibility of celebrating women's beauty. Somewhere along the line, he picked up the colossal force of expression that is rigid and strict.
Šíma's forceful handling of the medium emphasizes individual brushstrokes, brushstrokes which create a vibrant environment of superimposed layers.


Artroom (drawing and painting), Prague, Czech Republic


CHAMPAGNERIA - Surrealism (Collages)
Prague, Czech republic

THE CITY OF PRAGUE MUSEUM / Collages / Prague, Czechia

Barák / SOLO Exhibition / Paintings / Prague, Czechia

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